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1070's Top 10 Bracket Buster Memories

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Every year you sit down on Selection Sunday with your pencil (erasers necessary) and paper.

Every year you troll Twitter to see if the first round gets leaked.

Every year you think to yourself, "This is the year."

And every year, your bracket gets busted.

But what if THIS is the year? 

What if you pull off the impossible and craft the perfect bracket? Isn't it worth a chance at a MILLION dollars to fill out ours? In our Admiral Nelson Premium Spiced Rum $1,000,000 Bracket Challenge, you can compete against Dan Dakich, JMV, Grady, Big Joe, Kevin Bowen and The Producers PLUS you'll have a shot at other great prizes.


There are almost always upsets in the NCAA Tournament but only a few are particularly shocking. A No. 16 seed still has yet to top a No. 1 seed, but we've seen our fair share of Cinderella runs far in to the tourney by teams we never expected to.


Here's 1070's Top 10 NCAA Bracket Buster memories:


1070's Top 10 Bracket Buster Memories

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  • 1993: No. 15 Santa Clara over No. 2 Arizona 64-61
  • 2006: No. 11 George Mason over No. 1 UConn
  • 2002: No. 5 Indiana over No. 1 Duke
  • 2013: #15 Florida Gulf Coast over #2 Georgetown
  • 2010: No. 9 Northern Iowa over No. 1 Kansas
  • Butler's Tournament run in 2010
  • 1998: The Bryce Drew Shot - #13 Valparaiso upsets #4 Ole Miss
  • 1986: No. 14 Cleveland State over No. 3 Indiana
  • 2016: No. 15 Middle Tennessee over #2 Michigan State
  • 1983: No. 6 NC State over No.1 Houston Cougars
1993: No. 15 Santa Clara over No. 2 Arizona 64-61
1993: No. 15 Santa Clara over No. 2 Arizona 64-61


Kevin's Pick: George Mason's run to the Final Four in 2006

Tony D's Pick: Butlers 2010 run

Joey's Pick: IU over Duke in 2002 - I was 8 and remember it like yesterday.

Big Joe's picks: 

  • NC State beat Houston (1983)
  • Villanova beat Georgetown (1985)
  • Middle Tennessee beat Michigan State (2016)
  • Bucknell beat Kansas (2005)
  • Cleveland State beat Indiana (1986)
  • Richmond beat Syracuse (1991)
  •  Valparaiso beat Ole Miss (1998)
  • Florida Gulf Coast beat Georgetown (2013) but also became the first 15-seed to make the Sweet 16
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