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Colts Up For Favorite Touchdown Celebration of 2017

Surprisingly, the Colts are still alive to win at least some sort of trophy after a rough 4-12 season.

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 ESPN's Darren Rovell tweeted earlier today that NFL is allowing fans to vote on their favorite touchdown celebrations from 2017. 


 The Colts didn't find the endzone often in 2017. Apparently they made the most of it when they did. 

Their "bank run" celebration is still alive and made it through the first round of voting into the sweet 16 of touchdown celebrations. It looks like they could be in good shape to move on to the quarterfinals as well. 

The Jets "Dance to Anything" has to be less scripted than Bank Run. That has to be worth something in terms of style points. If they do, they'd probably face some stiff competition in the "Hide and Seek" that the Steelers pulled off in Week 7. That was a big crowd pleaser across the league.

 So after everything else failed in 2017, there's still a chance the Colts could be bringing home a title to end the season. 

Do you think they'd hang a banner

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