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Don't be Landlocked this Summer: 3 Tips to a Nautical New Year


This Winter, stock up on Speedos, buck up and buy that boat you've always wanted! You might be in hibernation mode now, but you're not gonna want to be landlocked this Spring and Summer. Here's four tips to ensure you have a nautical New Year:


1. Buy or upgrade this winter.

Winter is the BEST time to buy a boat - especially in December and January. The Indy Boat, Sport and Travel Show is February 16th-25th at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Go scope some out while sales are going on at the show or head straight to Just Add Water Boats on the near east side where Dan just got his boat in August!


2. Pick some lakes so you're ready to launch.

Indiana is full of great lakes! Dan's top pick for a weekend on the lake is Lake Monroe... you've GOT to stay at Four Winds Marina and Resort if you make the trip down to B-Town. If you're staying closer to the Circle City, Geist is always a good bet.

Dan and the lovely Leigh Ross show us how to do Geist right on their Yamaha from Just Add Water Boats:



3. Stock up on Speedos... and supplies. 

You don't want to launch and realize you left snacks and bottle of wine for your wife at home! That will make for a LONG day at the lake.. not a relaxing one. Click here for a solid boat supply checklist that includes all of the necessities.



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