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NBA City Jersey Grades And Reaction

Nike did it again. They dropped a whole new line of jerseys representing each team's city, but how do the Pacers' stack up?

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Pacers – I dig the circle themed chest on all the new Pacers uniforms especially on this new City uni because no one is doing that, that’s OUR thing and that’s what makes it COOL. Yeah? YEAH. Asymmetry makes me want to put my head in an oven but in this case it works because these jerseys actually mimic a racing suit. Yellow on yellow checkers?  A little subtle Indy flavor?? We can all learn a lesson from subtlety. Good call. If I could change it I’d make the jersey all black, make the checker pattern white/black and incorporate the other racing flags somehow too (Indy 500 logo). Forget it though, these clean, very indy and a nice change of pace ;)   B+

Bulls – Script font? Yup. Kinda throwback? Yup. STARS DOWN THE SIDE? Hold me. B+

Cavs – I like “The Land”. What’s up with the Logo in the armpit? Overall kind of a reach, but I’m just jealous of LeBron. C

Pistons – Nothin special? Use those 90’s Pistons colors before I call the cops please. C

Warriors – THIS is a city uniform. They kept the chest theme alive added the city nickname and got freaky with Toy Story colors? And it’s kinda Chinese?????? Love you. A

Lakers – All BLACK? Retro NUMBERS? Mamba SKIN? Black on black stars?? I’m going to bed forever. A+




I love you Nike. Check out the rest of the City Edition jersey's here. 

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