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Two Birds, One Stone - Drinking Games at the Tailgate

Welcome back, tailgaters! See if you can follow this: Tailgating is a pregame before a football game, and what better way to pregame the game than with a game? Boom, roasted!


Of course, this is referring to one of the more ‘fun’ aspects of a tailgate – drinking games! Yup, we are going to talk about playing drinking games at a tailgate and the variety of games there can be, based on your creativity.


Now, if you were awesome and attend our first tailgate last Saturday for the Bears game then you know about the two obvious games we have on-site at our Bud Light Georgia Street Tailgates. Those two games would be corn hole (a true tailgating classic) and life-sized Jenga (different, yes…but who doesn’t love life-sized Jenga?!). These games are pretty basic at tailgates, yet very fun for anyone of any age. So, to make your lives easier you can find official corn hole rules here and official Jenga rules here. Hopefully this will help settle any disputes you might have with teammates.


Don’t get us wrong – corn hole and life-sized Jenga are both awesome tailgating games. Especially if you rally your buddies and family members to be your teammates in corn hole, or go head-to-head in life-sized Jenga.


However, here at The Fan we realize that not everyone wants to simply stand around and play games all afternoon. The sun is out, the music is turned up on the Buick Stage and people are everywhere. The lines for the Papa John’s truck and Bud Light Drink tents are beginning to stretch down Georgia Street with hungry and thirsty tailgaters.


In short, there is a lot going on and sometimes it’s nice to be able to explore the massive block party and see what’s going on. That is obviously hard to accomplish when you’re stationed by the corn hole and life-sized Jenga games.  



How do we fix this? Multi-tasking. Don’t worry, we promise that this won’t be too difficult. Just trying to put a different spin on your Sunday afternoon and set our tailgate a part from the rest! Not to mention the countless drinking games you did in college that always began with, “Take a drink if…”


If you handled this in your prime, then you should consider the fun, yet simple drinking games you can do at our tailgates.


Below, we have compiled a list of drinking games that can take place at any time. Feel free to do any of these, or use one as an example and put your own twist on it!

  1. Every time you see two people with the opposing team’s jerseys on high-fiving, take a drink. (This happens a lot so pace yourself).


  1. Every time you hear “Time of Our Lives” by Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, take a drink.

 (Your rent will be late based on how much beer you have to buy for this game/rule)


  1. Every time you register to win a prize from The Fan, Hank FM, B-105.7 and 93.1 WIBC, give out a drink

(Tip – Sign up at all four tents and give out all four drinks at a time. To an individual or multiple people in your group)


  1. Anytime you see a Fan talent walking around (Producer Kyle, Greg Rakestraw, JMV, etc.) Give out a drink.


  1. If you catch a t-shirt that is thrown off the Buick Stage, make someone in your group finish their drink. (No rule on how many t-shirts you can catch, thus drinks you can make people finish)


  1. Selfie scavenger hunt – Give out a drink for every time you find The Fan's talent and take a selfie with them.

Pick your poison and call it how you see it. There is already a lot going on around Georgia Street every Colts home game. Whether you try the scavenger hunt or are running around trying to take selfies with everyone – all of these games are sure to keep you entertained and don’t limit you to staying in just one spot while playing games.


So, whether you’re into the classic corn hole, or want to try one of our quirky on-the-go games, we promise all of these will keep you entertained as you soak up the sun before kick-off. Just remember to please drink responsibly and as always, ain’t no party like a pre-party!