Indiana Outdoors

Lake Michigan fishing is “hot”, Steelhead are on fire and turkey season is upon us.
Update from the Sportsman’s Alliance as well as spring fish stockings in Indiana Lakes.
Legislative update, Barn owl chicks and where to fish info…
Steelhead are running, new pilot test of county deer advisory councils and final weekend of the Boat Sport Travel Show.
Highlights of opening week of Boat Sport and Travel Show. Rob Scheer and the Great Alaskan Lumberjack show is back.
Unbelievable viral video from Indiana ice fisherman and Kevin Renfro tells us how they get all those boats and RV’s into the 63rd Ford Boat Sport and Travel show.
Top 10 ranked bass fisherman and Indianapolis resident Jacob Wheeler, Doug Sikora talks about Crappie University at USI and Tom Nauman previews morel seaon.
Field and Stream Editor in Chief Colin Kearns give his perspective on the SHOT show and future of outdoor publications. John Bacone discusses 50th anniversary of the Indiana Nature Preserve Act.
Pr o Angler Mike Delvisco and pro hunter Bill Epeards preview the Boat Sport and Travel Show and Br ent Wheat reports from Las Vegas SHOT show!