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Colts Coaches Instilling Aggressive, Confident Style Into Players

One of the biggest changes in coaching staffs from this year to last could very well come from the aggressive nature of Frank Reich.

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INDIANAPOLIS – Do not expect any rookie hazing from Frank Reich’s Colts.


Instead, as Reich begins his first week working with players as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, belief and conviction is about to be engrained into those inside of West 56th Street.


From listening to Reich throughout the past few months, he’s made it crystal clear how his new staff will be coaching these Colts.


“I think it’s really important to be able to instill a trust and confidence in young players,” Reich says. “I’m not into the hazing thing or ‘Hey, you’re a rookie, you have to earn your stripes.’ When you make the team, when you step onto that field and put the horseshoe on, you’re part of that team.


“My experience is, when you have trust and confidence in a young player, that’s just as important as teaching him the fundamentals, teaching him the offense, making him believe and know and understand that he’s an integral part of the success that you’re about to have.”


The confidence that Reich wants to impart into his team he hopes will lead to a bunch that is going to play aggressive.


That style of coaching will be there from the Colts, something that was not seen anywhere near the level of what Reich wants it to be at, compared to the previous staff.


When pressed about the biggest takeaway from his time in Philadelphia, Reich immediately points out the aggressive culture from head coach Doug Pederson on down.


That’s coming to Indy.


“Because I think that’s what wins,” Reich says on why he’s steadfast on implementing an aggressive nature.


“It goes back to trusting and instilling confidence into your players. Guys who are here, are here because they are the best in the world at what they do. Sure, they are competing against guys who are also the best. But I think to get to where you want to go…no one is playing for 2nd place around here. We are not playing to just improve. We are playing for championships. If you want to win a championship, that’s the way you have to play.”


And how do players respond to that?


"From Day One," Reich says, "they know this is what we are going to do and let's embrace it because we are not going to stop."


That journey has begun.



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