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Colts Like Early Numbers From Rookie Pass Rusher Kemoko Turay

It was a busy, and impressive, rookie minicamp weekend for rookie pass rusher Kemoko Turay.

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INDIANAPOLIS – This past Sunday, all Kemoko Turay had to do was walk.

Just a couple of days earlier, Turay’s pace was a tad quicker on the practice field of the Indianapolis Colts.

Frank Reich’s career in the NFL has offered him an up-close look at pass rushers.

The newest look for Reich had him liking what Turay showed during rookie minicamp.

“As an offensive coach and as a former quarterback, you think you have a little bit of an eye for guys who can come off the edge, and that definitely flashed (on Friday),” Reich said of Turay following the opening practice of the team’s rookie minicamp.

“Not only on what you saw on the field but we take numbers and measurements on things. I won’t go into the details but I will just say this, his numbers were very good yesterday.”

Those strength and conditioning-like numbers were impressive to the Colts, after a muggy first day of rookie minicamp.

Turay had to leave the minicamp on Saturday night, for a good reason.

He went back to Rutgers University to walk at Sunday’s commencement, as he became the first person in his family to graduate from college.

“It’s beautiful,” Turay said of his historic graduation.

“We had a little ceremony (last week), with my older sister, she watched me and then she started crying. It just shows what an example I set for my family and especially for my African community---to see that it is important to graduate and to see that hard work can easily pay off if you just put your mindset on it.”

That part of Turay’s life is something that Reich certainly sees as a positive when it comes to transitioning to professional football in the NFL.

“My overall experience in those kinds of stories is that there is a closeness to the family and there is this fabric of high character within the family that is just infectious, really infectious,” the head coach says.

“That’s been my experience with it and we are counting on him to bring that here.”

That, and more flashes of the early (and much needed) pass rushing prowess.

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