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Colts Mailbag: Any Merit to Andrew Luck Trade Rumors?

This week, mailbag readers inquire about how to handle Andrew Luck the rest of this season, an early 2018 draft look and much more.

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INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our weekly mailbag.

Submit your questions here.

Here is the collection of Thursday questions:


Stan C. (Minneapolis)

First off, I want to congratulate you on your new job. I speak for the fans when I say we were so relieved to see you back with the same honest, uncompromising reporting we grew to expect from you. I'm especially glad to see you set up a fan mailbag segment. You have a great relationship with Colts fans and this type of column fits your talents perfectly. In short: glad to have you back.    Now, a blast from the past. When we kicked off the over-under spree back in early June, you gave the following:     Under 2.5 games missed for Luck  Under 7.5 different OL starters  Just under 38% defensive snaps for Tarell Basham  Over 3.5 INT for Malik Hooker  Over 10.5 wins needed to win the AFC South    Obviously, much has changed since then. Here's an updated version. And if you could rank your confidence in them, that'd be awesome. So happy to have you back, man!!    4.5: games missed by Luck  8.5: OL starters  32%: Basham snaps  4.5: Hooker INTs  10.5: wins to take the AFC South

Bowen: Stan, thanks for the kind words. Always enjoyed the mailbag and am excited to get it back up and going again. Thanks for bringing those over/unders back as a reminder! Looks like I’m on pace to be batting around .500 on those. On to your new over/unders: Over on Luck, Over on OL starters, Still slightly under on Basham, Over on Hooker, Over on the AFC South. My confidence in these is actually the same order you asked them. I’m pretty confident on the first two, but the rest I could easily go both ways.


Dave M. (Carmel)

If/when the colts get the first pick next year, what type of return package do you expect?  I assume Ballard wants veteran playmakers to compliment Luck and not just draft picks.

Bowen: Oh, I fully expect, under this scenario, for the Colts to use that first pick on either acquiring an elite defensive talent, or moving back in the draft so you have the ability to address multiple needs with young talent. That’s the avenue I would go down. This team still needs to find more young pieces and obviously doing that through the draft is the best way to get things done. Think about future pieces the Colts need: a pass rusher, another cornerback, an offensive tackle, an inside linebacker, another running back. You can turn a high draft pick into trying to take care of several spots on your team. That’s the approach I would take.


Leonardo B. (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Hi Kevin. So glad to see the mailbag back. Gongrats and thank you for your effort to do It. My question is about Luck's trade rumours. What can you tell us about it? Se can't take loose PG and Luck the same way, by transfer request. Regards.

Bowen: I don’t believe them at all. There’s not one ounce of me that believes it. From what I’ve heard, Luck is building a house here in Indianapolis and I fully expect his career to continue for many years with the Colts. Luck is a competitior. And I’m sure he’s frustrated about the Colts’ current play and that he is sidelined during the struggles. But in no way do I think that he wants to be traded.


Kyle S. (Pennsylvania)

Given the lack of quality O-linemen in the league, do you think they get Mewhort locked up before the end of the season?

Bowen: I would be a bit surprised if they did. I believe GM Chris Ballard wants a full season to evaluate guys like Jack Mewhort and Donte Moncrief with his own eyes. Can Mewhort’s nagging knee injury hold up in a contract year? Can Moncrief stay healthy, and not have a repeatable performance like we saw against the Cardinals? Those are questions I would be more patient with in waiting the year out. Mewhort is not likely to break the bank on the open market, so I think the Colts should still have a very reasonable chance at bringing him back next offseason.


Kieffer G. (Indiana)

Do you really think Andrew Luck actually plays a game this season? I'm actually interested in him taking the year off and allow to acquire a higher pick to trade off to a qb need team. I honestly don't see the reason for him to put his body on the line till next year.     Also side note who would be your guess as a new HC? Cause yet again pagano nearly handed a bad team a W cause he can't make the right decisions for his life.

Bowen: I do expect Luck to play in 2017. I don’t see it happening until mid-October at the earliest though (Week 6 or Week 7). I hear where fans are coming from in wanting to keep Luck off the field, and ‘tank.’ But it’s not going to happen. Not under Jim Irsay’s watch. And not under Luck’s watch. If the Colts can get to 2-3 by Week Six, and Luck is fully healthy for game action, it makes total sense to bring him back. You would still have a very realistic chance at making a playoff run. With the coaching debate, I’m going to hold off on that until it happens. But I would guess somewhat of a proven NFL head coach is the route to go.


Alex S. (Overland Park, KS)

If the Colts have a top 10 pick next year who or what position should they target.

Bowen: My positions of order would be: pass rusher, offensive tackle, cornerback. If the right corner is there, I could probably slide that up one notch on the priority list.


Vinicius V. (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Kevin, did you shower and shave already?

Bowen: Haha, I did. For those that don’t get the joke, Chuck Pagano dropped a few jokes on Monday at me during the press conference. Safe to say a “winning Monday” Pagano is in much more of a jovial mode than normal.



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