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Colts Should Not Trade Jacoby Brissett This Offseason

What to do with Jacoby Brissett? The Colts should not think about trading the 25-year-old quarterback this offseason.

Stacy Revere

INDIANAPOLIS – The numbers are merely a reminder.

When evaluating Jacoby Brissett’s first year and change of starting in the NFL, his numbers offer hope.

In fact, they even look better than how Peyton Manning or Carson Wentz began their NFL careers.

And with Brissett we should probably be grading on a curve, considering he had nowhere near the first-team off-season reps, compared to Manning or Wentz.

This is a quarterback who was suddenly thrust into duty in New England and Indianapolis, and has handled things fairly well despite the lack of meaningful preparation.

Nonetheless, improvement is still needed in Brissett’s game.

Mechanics and anticipation on throws are two areas that the previous Colts staff wanted Brissett to key on this coming offseason.

The quarterback agrees with that assessment.

“Definitely come back a better leader, a better teammate, a better quarterback for sure in my game, honing in on the fundamentals of my game,” Brissett said late in the year about improvements needed going into his third NFL season. “Getting with the same guys – the receivers, and gathering some time and throwing with those guys and getting comradery built.”

Even if Andrew Luck comes back ready to go in 2018, Brissett will undoubtedly receive some (if not a lot) of important first-team reps during the offseason program.

He will also be learning a new offense for a third straight season.

It was “learn on the go” during Brissett’s 15-start campaign with the Colts this past year.

Early on, the Colts figured Luck would return at some point in 2017, so the concentration for Brissett week-to-week was focused mainly on that specific game plan.

Unlike most young quarterbacks with 18 starts through 2 seasons, Brissett never had the same off-season work/reps as other starting quarterbacks.

Could that lead to more development out of Brissett?

Or is the Brissett we saw later in 2017---one who continued to struggle in the red zone and through his progressions---the truer picture of his quarterback ceiling.

In Brissett, the Colts have a 25-year-old QB who remains under contract through 2019.

Trading Brissett this offseason is not how the Colts should handle the uncertainty regarding their most important player.

But in Brissett they have a more than capable backup, who offers a much-needed insurance policy, with the possibility to improve his own game, while under a reasonable contract here in Indy for 2 more seasons.  

Chris Ballard has learned from the mishandling of the QB position last offseason.

And learning from that means keeping Brissett for at least another year.

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