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Frank Reich Calling The Plays For "Aggressive, Up-Tempo" Offense

How much different will the Colts offense look with Frank Reich calling plays in 2018?

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INDIANAPOLIS – We have answers as to who the new offensive coordinator will be in Indianapolis and who will be calling the plays this coming season.

Nick Sirianni, 36, will be the first-time offensive coordinator, coming to the Colts after 5 seasons with the Chargers.

But it will be Frank Reich calling the plays.

At his introductory press conference on Tuesday, Reich detailed how he wants his offense to look.

“We will be a multiple attack, up-tempo offense,” Reich said. “We will be aggressive. We will change things up. What I mean by multiple is we’ll use multiple personnel groups and multiple formations. Being able to run the same things over and over again and disguise it so other teams don’t know what we’re doing. We’ll keep them off balance with run and pass. We’ll change the tempo. There will be a strong element of the no-huddle offense.”

That has to be music to the ears of Colts’ fans, after years of seemingly ignoring the consistent success that Andrew Luck and the offense had when the pace quickened.

In wanting to simulate what took place in Philadelphia, Reich and Chris Ballard will undoubtedly have to add some depth and versatile components to the skill group.

Obviously, the offensive line still has issues to be solved with a couple of starters probably needed in free agency.

Once the personnel is taken care of, the Colts will have an offense they hope has similarities to the days of Peyton Manning (with its tempo), while also incorporating some newer aspects of offensive football, which Reich has learned in recent stops.

“There are a lot of elements that are going to be like that,” Reich says pointing to the Peyton days, in which he coached with the Colts from 2006-11. “Then once I left here, I still kept learning and there’s some new and exciting elements that we can add to this offense that will be better, more aggressive and better for our team.”

A faster pace, taking the necessary shots down the field, along with integrating some run/pass option looks, are all essentials of what the Colts will hope to look like offensively.

Reich laid out another sporting analogy to describe the offense he will call the plays for in 2018.

“When you step in a boxing ring you want to impose your will on your opponent,” Reich said. “As an offensive team, and as a team in general, we want to impose our will on our opponent.

“So as an offense what that looks like is you run it when you want to run it, and you have to run it, and you throw it when you want to throw it. You speed it up when you feel you have somebody on the ropes and you feel you can put them down for the count, and you slow it down sometimes when necessary. That’s the analogy. That’s what it’ll be. We’ll build the players around that kind of scheme.”

The other major injury to watch for the Colts this offseason is the ACL rehab for young safety Malik Hooker.
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