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How did the Colts Decide to Trade For Jacoby Brissett?

Without Jacoby Brissett, the Colts could very well be a winless football team right now. How did the Colts decide on trading for the young quarterback?

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INDIANAPOLIS – Where would the Colts be without Jacoby Brissett?

That’s a scary thought, and was almost a reality if it weren’t for a rare NFL trade that delivers another team a starting quarterback capable of winning professional football games.

When general manger Chris Ballard explains how the Colts acquired Brissett, it starts with Pro Personnel Director Kevin Rogers coming to the new GM.

Rogers continued to like what he had seen from Brissett and with the Colts somehow having yet to seriously address the quarterback position in 2017, a rather head-scratching move by the way, the interest was there with the preseason coming to an end.

Brissett’s impressive close to the 2017 preseason---he threw for 341 and four touchdowns in Week Four of the preseason---had the full attention of the Colts.

But Ballard’s attraction to Brissett began during the 2016 draft process.

Over in Kansas City, Ballard like what he saw on film of the future third-round pick of the Patriots.

Ballard then loved how Brissett handled his first NFL start in 2016, which came on Monday night football against the Houston Texans.

“We knew he was a top-flight human being and stood for everything we want to stand for, both on the field and off the field,” Ballard says of his new quarterback. “Smart, tough, had a lot of upside talent.

“After watching him last year, the one thing that really stood out about him was his poise. He made plays in that game to help them win. To go on that big stage, as a rookie, when you haven’t been really getting a lot of (practice) reps up to that point, and to go and help your team, that said a lot.”

Even though the Colts are adamant that they wanted no part in parting ways with Phillip Dorsett, it shows how highly they thought/think of Brissett, and how scary their QB situation was at the start of September.

After Scott Tolzien’s abomination in Week One, the Colts were turning to the guy they had just traded for a week and a half prior.

Brissett is now 2-2 as a starter in Indianapolis.

Overcoming a few shaky moments, that have to be expected, Brissett has been nothing short of impressive, given the crazy situation he was thrown into.

“He’s awesome,” head coach Chuck Pagano says of the 23-year-old quarterback. “He’s an all-star. He’s a great teammate. He’s a talented, talented guy, but he’s got the ‘it’ factor. He brings energy, he brings juice.”

While Brissett’s pure individual numbers (60.6 completion percentage and 2 touchdowns vs. 3 interceptions), will not wow most, his play has been beyond what the Colts could have ever hoped.

“It’s better than I thought it was going to be,” Ballard says.

“Jacoby has some really special attributes in terms of his work ethic, his poise. He’s a natural leader. He’s got a lot of great qualities that you want in a quarterback.”


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