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Jim Irsay: Andrew Luck Is LeBron James-Like In Terms Of Body Fat

When projecting forward with Andrew Luck, the Colts believe they have a quarterback who can play into his 40s. Why do they feel that way?

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INDIANAPOLIS – There’s no denying that Andrew Luck looks the part in 2018.

Compare pictures from 2017 Luck to present day, and the difference is obvious.

Andrew Luck looks like he’s 6-4 and 240 pounds and ready to play quarterback (or even linebacker) on a Sunday afternoon.

Those working with Luck have gone a step forward when addressing how the quarterback looks, and how his body reacts when seeking out the finer details.

“Some of the guys that have worked with him have said that he’s special,” Jim Irsay said of Luck earlier this week. "Body-fat-ratio-to-muscle (is) almost uncomparable except LeBron James and maybe a couple of other guys that these guys have worked with.

“And they’ve said, ‘Hey, he can play probably beyond his 40s.’”

Teammates have raved about what Luck can do in the weight room right now.

Luck, 28, has even been called a ‘physical specimen’ by his head coach, a phrase we often hear associated with LeBron and what he has continued to accomplish some 15 years into the NBA.

Along with Irsay drawing the Luck/LeBron comparison, the Owner also wanted to point out the difficulty No. 12 had in playing 15 of 16 games back in 2016.

Back in ‘16, Luck would practice every Wednesday and Friday, take Thursday’s off, and then turn around on a Sunday to produce one of his better NFL seasons.

What did it take for Luck to get ready each week?

“Playing the game and then Monday he was really hurting,” Irsay said of Luck in 2016. “There were more question marks on if he could start the next Sunday than you guys realize. He really went through hell.

“This is almost going to be Nirvanna-ish compared to what he went through and the contrast of now being healthy and doing some things to maintain the aspect of the throwing shoulder.”

Despite all the limitations Monday-Saturday for Luck back in 2016, he still set a career-high in completion percentage and drastically improved his touchdown-to-interception ratio.

It’s obviously been a while since anyone has seen Luck at such an elite playing level.

Irsay has even conjured up memories from that Kansas City Wild Card win back in January 2014, when now imagining Luck back on the field.

“It’s worth the price of admission and more when you’ve got a guy like that on the field and is healthy,” Irsay says. “He doesn’t always know what he’s going to do and that’s exciting. Good quarterbacks are obviously all very exciting and important to watch, but he’s got that extra flair like Brett Favre and a couple of the guys that make something even more exciting than most because when everything breaks down, you just don’t know what he’s going to do. We’ve kind of tried to say, ‘Sometimes Andrew, just shut down the play.’ It’s easier said than done because when you have greatness like that you think about shutting this play down. (But) there’s still a chance. I can throw the ball through the eye of the needle so to speak.’

“It’s going to be really exciting to see him back out there.”

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