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Latest Andrew Luck Update: No. 12 Is Still Not Throwing A Football

At Wednesday's press conference, Chris Ballard still had to field a few questions on the health of quarterback Andrew Luck.

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INDIANAPOLIS – As the Colts continue the search for a new head coach, their franchise quarterback has yet to begin throwing a football again.

Chris Ballard is listening to the doctors and the trainers that are dealing directly with Luck.

And the update from them?

At this point, we feel very strongly that Andrew is in a good place,” Ballard said on Wednesday. “He doesn’t need surgery. I have not gotten that from the two doctors that he’s seen here after the season.

“His strength is good. He’s working on his throw motion and he’s working on his arm speed right now. He has not picked up a football, but he is throwing balls, working on arm speed. He’s not going to skip a step. I don’t know if you know Andrew, but Andrew is not going to skip a step. He’s going to do everything right to get himself ready to play and I’m very confident, he’s very confident, that he’s going to come back and prove a lot of people wrong. I’m very proud of the kid – wouldn’t want anybody else on our team. We want our team to match what he has inside.”

In a bit of an odd part to this head coaching search, Ballard said on Wednesday that Josh McDaniels did not ask to speak with Luck over the past month.

Wouldn’t the new head football coach want to talk with the injured franchise quarterback?

So, with McDaniels now no longer in the picture, the Colts move on with indecision still there for Luck.

As Ballard has done throughout Luck’s rehab, the GM cautioned to precisely say the exact progress of his quarterback, until the throwing starts again, and that activity is increased.

“I don’t know if with a shoulder you can accurately ever assess where you’re at,” Ballard said. “It’s a very subjective part of the body and especially with a thrower.

“But I know what we’re being told right now and we’re very confident going forward.”

Is that confidence enough to sell another head coaching candidate on the re-opening that has suddenly occurred in Indianapolis?

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