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Practice Schedule for Andrew Luck This Week

In his second week of practice in 2017, Andrew Luck will be integrated into some 7-on-7 work.

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INDIANAPOLIS – The next step for Andrew Luck will be a handful of scout team snaps during 7-on-7 drills this week.

That is the highlight of Luck’s second week back to practice in 2017.

Luck will participate in practice on Thursday and Saturday (with the Monday night game in Week Six, the Colts are pushing their practice schedule back by a day this week).

In mimicking the Tennessee offense with the scout team, Luck’s throws will be very specific to what his rehab currently allows.

“We are starting to get into environments where all the variables are not controlled, which is obviously football, to a certain degree,” Luck said of his progression in practice.

“At this point, it’s a sustainable step.”

Last week, Luck’s practice schedule was also just two days of work (Wednesday and Friday) with an off day for rehab (Thursday). Luck was only involved in the individual drills of work last week.

Jacoby Brissett will now start a fifth straight game, meaning Luck will have that ‘weird’ feeling inside of him when Monday Night Football kicks off, and the No. 12 jersey is still back in Indianapolis.

Getting adjusted to a throwing motion post-right shoulder surgery has been a unique experience for Luck.

“It feels different, like it’s still finding its way a little bit again,” Luck says of his motion. “Certain things feel better, some things (still feel like) it’s finding its way. It’s a process and we’re still in the process of getting it where it needs to be.”

With Luck still yet to string together a full week of practice, and with starting reps in practice remaining on the horizon, his likelihood of playing next Sunday does not look great at all.

That means a Week 8 (@Cincinnati) or a Week 9 (@Houston) return is probably the earliest we see Luck’s 2017 debut.

When pressed further on a timetable, Luck admitted he has a good idea of when that finish line might occur, but does not want to publicize it.

“It would be foolish,” Luck said, “to start to get close to the finish line and skipping the little things.”

“When that true, full football week comes along, then we’ll see.”

During Thursday's open media portion of practice, we saw Luck ramp up his throwing wramup in tossing balls 40-to-50 yards. Video of that is below.



Here is Wednesday’s injury report:


DNP: ILB-Anthony Walker (hamstring)

           -Bowen’s Analysis: This is the healthiest injury report of the season for the Indianapolis Colts. Walker and Andrew Luck are probably the only two inactives, due to injury, for the Colts in Week Six.


LIMITED: QB-Andrew Luck (right shoulder)    

            -Bowen’s Analysis: The Luck update is here.


FULL: QB-Jacoby Brissett (left wrist), TE-Jack Doyle (concussion), RB-Matt Jones (knee), CB-Nate Hairston (quad), WR-Chester Rogers (hamstring), CB-Quincy Wilson (knee)

            -Bowen’s Analysis: Really good news on several of these guys: Doyle, Hairston, Rogers and Wilson. If Rogers plays on Monday, it will be his 2017 season debut.

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