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Second-Half Struggles Must Change for Colts

The most glaring issue for the 2017 Colts has been the team’s lack of success in the second half.

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INDIANAPOLIS – At Wednesday’s team meeting, Chuck Pagano put them up on the screen for his entire team to see.

Why are the Colts so woeful in second halves this season?

"That’s execution, ball security, eliminate the penalties, eliminate big plays, tackle better, block better, throw better, catch better, run better,” Pagano told his team.

“What we need to do is focus on that for 60 minutes. It’s not 30-minute games, it’s not 45”

How bad has it been for the Colts post-halftime this year?

Consider this:

-The Colts have been outscored 79-15 in second halves this year.

-First half total yards for the Colts: 705, Second half total yards: 358.

-First half total first downs for the Colts: 41, Second half total first downs: 19.

If those numbers aren’t pause for concern, there’s this rather embarrassing number:

In the last three second halves (90 total minutes of football), the Colts have scored 9 total points.

On Sunday night, the Seattle Seahawks scored 14 points in a 13-second span.


The issues span from penalties, to unsuccessful in-game adjustments.

A quicker tempo from opposing offenses has hurt the Indy defense. For the Colts offense, a T.Y. Hilton disappearance in second halves has the offense averaging less than 4 first downs per game after halftime this year.

“We’ve got to finish,” the head coach emphasized.

“You got to pay attention to every single snap. They all matter. They all matter. Our margin for error is very small. Everybody’s is in the National Football League.”

And, at 1-3, that margin is ever shrinking for the Colts.



Here is Thursday’s injury report:


DNP: CB-Nate Hairston (quad), RB-Matt Jones (knee), QB-Andrew Luck (right shoulder), CB-Rashaan Melvin (hamstring/ankle)

             -Bowen’s Analysis: Thursday was the expected off day for Luck. That’s now two missed days in a row for Hairston, the team’s starting nickel cornerback. After being limited on Wednesday, Melvin did not practice on Thursday.


LIMITED: TE-Jack Doyle (concussion), WR-Chester Rogers (hamstring),

              -Bowen’s Analysis: Doyle was in a normal jersey color on Thursday, indicating that he is progressing through the concussion protocol. Thursday was Rogers’ first action on the practice field since Week Two.


FULL: S-Matthias Farley (quad), C-Ryan Kelly (shoulder), RB-Marlon Mack (shoulder), CB-Chris Milton (hamstring), ILB-Anthony Walker (hamstring), CB-Quincy Wilson (knee)

               -Bowen’s Analysis: Look for Kelly to make his 2017 debut on Sunday. Mack is expected to be ready to go after he was in a red non-contact jersey last week. Milton has battled a hamstring injury in recent weeks. Fellow rookie Anthony Walker has been sidelined since the regular season opener.

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