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Why Did The Colts Initially Not Interview Frank Reich?

On Monday afternoon, former Colts GM Bill Polian joined Dan Dakich to share his thoughts on the hiring of Frank Reich.

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INDIANAPOLIS – When Bill Polian landed in Connecticut last Tuesday night, his phone was blowing up.

Everyone had questions for Polian on the surprising news that had just rocked the NFL world.

Once Polian found out that Josh McDaniels had turned his back on the Colts, it was time to make a call to Owner Jim Irsay.

Polian wanted to recommend Frank Reich for the new opening in Indy.

Irsay told Polian to go ahead and call Chris Ballard, thus relaying the endorsement of a player Polian had in Buffalo and then later saw him rise on the coaching staffs of Tony Dungy and Jim Caldwell.

On Monday afternoon, Polian joined the Dan Dakich show and explained why Reich did not interview with the Colts during the Wild Card Round of the playoffs.

“Frank is not a self-promoter,” Polian said on 1070 The Fan. “He’s not out there having people talk or write about him.

“He and I talked just before the playoffs began, and he told me he was not going to chase any interviews. He told his agent he didn’t really want any interviews because it would upset his preparation for the playoffs and hopefully the Super Bowl. He wasn’t really making himself a candidate at that time.”

Last week, after McDaniels had spurned the Colts, Ballard addressed why the Colts did not interview some of these newer candidates during the Wild Card week in early January

“The time frame of being able to interview in that first week [with] playoff teams, it’s hard to fit everybody in,” Ballard said. “And then when you get going you think you’ve found the right guy you just move forward.

“There’s other guys that we wanted to interview, but because of the playoffs, we weren’t able to do (that).”


Here are a few more comments from Polian joining Dakich on Monday:

  • On the coaching style of Reich: “He will be low key. He’ll be to the point, but nonetheless intellectual. You probably won’t see it in public, but he’ll be very inspirational with the team. He’ll be focused on the things it takes to win. There will not be a whole lot of fuss and bother about what it takes to win. He did work for Tony (Dungy) and Jim Caldwell so he’s going to have taken some things from that experience and it fits his personality pretty well.”
  • On Reich having assistant coaches already in place from the McDaniels’ fiasco: “I think if there had been a problem, knowing Chris and knowing Frank, they would have dealt with it. And I do know Frank is comfortable with Chris’ vision for how he thinks his team should look and play particularly in this division. If it was a problem, they would have ironed it out. It isn’t, so far as I know.”
  • On the current talent gap of the Colts: “Who on this squad can be a championship-player on both sides of the ball? There are not a lot you would immediately identify as such. They have to get more difference makers on defense. And they have to get the offensive line situation shorn up. I think they’ve taken steps in that direction, but it’s not there yet. Certainly, they have to get difference makers at running back, because Frank Gore is not going to play forever, as much as you would like him too. Other than T.Y. (Hilton), who is a difference maker in the receiving corps? There’s work to be done in every area.”


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