Pacers Coverage

The hype surrounding Paul George facing his former team on Wednesday night did not last very long. George played just 19 minutes against the Pacers, as his new team helped a saddled PG to a 114-96 victory in Oklahoma City.
The first of two matchups against Paul George this season will come on Wednesday night for the Indiana Pacers.
The Pacers are 1-2 after the first week of the season, losing back-to-back games with Myles Turner (concussion) sidelined.
Scoring the most points in a game since 2010, the Indiana Pacers rung in the 2017-18 campaign with quite the bang on Wednesday night.
With four-time All-Star Paul George no longer in the blue and gold, how much different will the Pacers look in 2017-18?
What is the outlook for the rookies of the Indiana Pacers in 2017-18?
With Paul George gone, the Pacers will turn to Victor Oladipo when the game is on the line.
What was learned about the Pacers’ four-game preseason slate heading into next week’s regular season opener?