The Talk of Gasoline Alley

On tonight's show, Donald talks about the driver from 2003 who came in as a rookie completely unaware that the Indianapolis 500 started with 11 rows of 3.
On tonight's show, Donald confirms a wild story of the time someone hijacked one of IMS's ambulences and took out it out for a joyride on the track!
On tonight's episode of "The Talk of Gasoline Alley", Donald profiles May of 1977 in Indianapolis, and the happenings before, during, and after the race that made it such a historic Indianapolis 500.
We began today's show with Donald discussing just how Al Unser won the 1987 Indianapolis 500 after not even having a ride to start the Month of May!
Our good friend and the Historian of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Donald Davidson returned to the airwaves tonight with Kevin Lee for Year 47 of "The Talk of Gasoline Alley!" Donald kicked off tonight's show looking back at the amazing life and career of champion driver Dan...
Our apologies for the delay, but here is Thursday's e-mail-only episode of "The Talk of Gasoline Alley" with Kevin Lee and IMS Historian, Donald Davidson!
As the week draws to a close, IMS Historian Donald Davidson returns for the final "Talk of Gasoline Alley" for 2017. Tonight, Donald talks about numerous local drivers who have ran at the Speedway!
IMS Historian Donald Davidson is back answering your questions, including how the Indianapolis 500 was already the Biggest Race in the World since it's inaugural running 1911.
Photo: Ron Hoskins | Getty On tonight's edition of ToGA, Donald Davidson answers your questions regarding the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, including the ever-changing look of Ray Harroun's Marmon Wasp machine AFTER he won the inaugural Indianapolis 500.