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Tony D's Weekend Tip Sheet: Portillo's, PSL's & burning NFL tix

We all want more than the tip



Hello! I need to get back to blogging so I introduce you to, Tony D's Tip Sheet. I know what you are thinking, why should I take tips from Tony? Well you might have a point there, but I will try to be honest open & funny when I can, it's a solid way to live life. 


Tip #1

Portillo's opened up in Fishers this week. YOU HAVE TO GO. I grew up in Northwest Indiana and I can guarantee you that you will enjoy the experience. Be sure to go inside, enjoy an italian beef sandwich, cheese dog & a chocolate cake shake. I would also suggest waiting a few weeks as that intersection is going to be chaos with Top Golf opening as well as every married mans hell, IKEA.


Tip #2

Look it's cuffing season, leaves are falling and so are girls looking for a dude to cuddle up with and watch some scary movies in October and cheesy ass corny Holiday love films. Sometimes Tinder & Bumble suck, trust me, I've tried, but I am also not trying to be anyone's step father. Go to your local Starbucks. The Pumpkin Spice crave is in full swing and Starbucks locations are hot beds for ladies. Be a gentleman, offer to buy their drink, then they might at least feel obligated to talk to you.


Tip #3

If you are submitting a video to become the next Pacer's PA announcer, good luck. I am not trying out, so maybe it's out of place to say this, but if you are going to try out, get the name and numbers right of the players you're announcing. Ask Grady. These names are tough and if you get it wrong, 18,000 people are going to know. Good luck to everyone, some of the videos I have seen have been good!


Tip #4

Keep bitching about WTHR not being seen on on Direc TV or ATT Uverse, and before you tell me I can watch on an app or spend $15 extra bucks for an antenna.... I'm not doing that. If you pay for your cable, you should get NBC. I don't know who is holding up the agreement, or why it took place in the first place, but it's one thing for you to take Dave Calabro away from me as well as football, but how dare you take away the season two premiere of "This Is Us" away from me!


Tip #5

I don't like to get political, so whatever your take is on the latest issue is your opinion and I respect that, but if I can make a suggestion, please allow. If you are going to burn your season tickets in protest against the NFL, please consider donating them to a charity so that someone who isn't as fortunate could go or take a family member. Maybe donate them to a school or a local children's hospital. That bon fire may have provided you with 15 minutes of fame and warmth, but it could provide a kid with the greatest memories of their life. 


RIP Hugh Hefner, where do you go when you die in you lived 91 years in Heaven?


Your betting tips for the weekend : Saints -3 & Seahawks in your survivor pools.



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