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Colts Need to Start Jacoby Brissett

Why must the Colts turn to Jacoby Brissett, and bench Scott Tolzien, in Week Two?

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INDIANAPOLIS – If this were an election, Scott Tolzien would be throwing up the white flag right now.

The fans of the Indianapolis Colts have voted.

And the consensus is this: they want Scott Tolzien benched in Week Two.


With Andrew Luck again ruled out, the Colts have a decision to make as to who will be under center on Sunday afternoon against former head coach Bruce Arians and the Arizona Cardinals.

During the game-planning hours of Monday night and Tuesday (the players’ day off), Chuck Pagano and his staff must dissect how to move forward at the quarterback position.

Go with Tolzien again?

Or turn to the younger Jacoby Brissett, who was acquired via trade a week and a half ago?

“We’ve got to do what’s best for the football team,” Pagano said of the quarterback dilemma facing the Colts, “and what gives us the best chance to move the ball and put points on the board.”

That was all Pagano wanted to reveal on Monday in how this unusual quarterback debate situation would be solved once the Colts get back to practice on Wednesday.

The Colts aren’t used to this.

For the past two decades, the Colts have hardly ever begun a game week needing to decide between two quarterbacks because of inconsistent play.

While this staff could very well choose to give Tolzien another chance (for reasons that would not make a whole lot of sense), even after dissecting the film of the Week One debacle, it’s time to see Brissett under center.

On Monday, Pagano referenced the obvious “challenges” facing Brissett just a week or so into his Colts’ tenure.

However, offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski has successfully game-planned with far more inexperienced quarterbacks.

In Week 17 of the 2015 season, the Colts signed quarterbacks Josh Freeman and Ryan Lindley at the start of the game week. With only three practices before the game, the duo played in the 2015 season finale and combined to go 21-38 for 207 yards, two touchdowns and one interception.

Those numbers dwarf what Tolzien, who has practiced with the starting offense for the entire 2017 offseason and has played in Chud’s system for the last two years, produced in a, 46-9, Week One loss.

Will it all be smooth in turning to Brissett? No.

But Brissett appears to have a livelier arm than Tolzien. Brissett would inject some much-needed life into an offense, void of hardly any hope right now. Tolzien’s lack of stretching the field vertically was apparent throughout Week One, and something the Colts must re-incorporate into their offense, even with Luck out. The Colts know what they have in Tolzien.

It’s time to see what Brissett can do. 

With the possibility of Luck missing several more weeks, it would be an ideal time to evaluate Brissett, while upgrading the quarterback position, and seeing what the backup QB of the future can do in multiple live settings.

To salvage any record before Luck does return, the Colts cannot put the same quarterback on the field who just 'helped' an offense complete 11 total passes in a game and fail on all 10 third-down conversions.

After going back and watching Brissett’s three-games of action last season, you see playmaking ability that the Colts are currently lacking at the quarterback position. From a ball position standpoint throwing the pigskin, and the propensity to keep plays alive with his legs, Brissett would give the Colts something that is missing right now.

It’s time to make a change at quarterback.

Have Chud and Brissett establish a package of plays they feel comfortable with. Brissett will have seven practices with the Colts by the end of this week and plenty of first-team work should come his way this week to help in preparation.

If it’s not Brissett, does anyone at least have Stephen Morris’ phone number?

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