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Jacoby Brissett Offers Colts Hope

In looking back on Jacoby Brissett’s first start in Indianapolis, the Colts have a young quarterback capable of playing winning football.

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INDIANAPOLIS – It was hope, from the position that offered absolutely none of it after Week One.

That’s what Jacoby Brissett provided the Colts last Sunday.

Once Andrew Luck returns to health, and that’s looking like it will stretch into the month of October, Brissett showed that he’s the type of quarterback that can keep a potential Colts’ sinking ship afloat.

“There are big things in front of him,” wide receiver T.Y. Hilton said of Brissett after Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals.

From a pure numbers standpoint, Brissett was certainly not Pro Bowl caliber in his first start with the Colts.

20-of-37, 216 yards, 1 interception, 60.2 quarterback rating.

But for a guy having just seven practices with his new team, and knowing around 60 percent of the playbook, Brissett gave the Colts a chance, one week after any optimism vanished minutes into the season opener.

“I thought the quarterback gave us a chance to win,” Chuck Pagano said on Monday, after taking another look at the film of the 16-13, overtime loss.

“(Brissett) did some really good things. He had great poise and great command, made good decisions.”

The poise and command from Brissett are some of the first qualities you notice.

Watching Brissett operate, you don’t feel a frantic nature that typically comes when backup quarterbacks are thrust into starting duty.

Brissett was able to lead scoring drives of 14 and 16 plays on Sunday. He kept plays alive with his feet, reminiscent of an added element that Andrew Luck also brings to the quarterback position.

Over the next three weeks, the Colts play three of the worst scoring offenses in the NFL.

With Brissett under center, there’s an opportunity present for the Colts to find some much-needed wins.

Could the Colts get a couple of wins before Luck returns?

If so, a playoff push is still plausible, especially with the AFC South unlikely to have a team run away with the division.

That’s what Brissett has provided the Colts.

As the Colts continue to implement more red zone and third down looks for Brissett, the offense needs those around the 24-year-old quarterback to help out the new starter.

“We’ll just keep adding, giving him what we can give him and not too much to where he starts thinking out there and he can’t play and he can’t be instinctive, those kind of things,” Pagano says.

“He’s a smart guy and he picks up things fast. It’ll be good for everybody to be able to expand, especially the situational stuff.”


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