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Reggie Wayne Lists T.Y. Hilton as Top 10 Receiver In NFL

The former Colt, now NFL Network employee, released as top 10 ranking of the current NFL wide receivers which included one of his former teammates.

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"A four-time Pro Bowl selectee, Hilton's been a constant bright spot in Indy's struggling offense without Andrew Luck. If (or, as I like to think, when) Luck returns from his shoulder injury, the deep threat will get right back to putting up 100-yard games on a consistent basis."

It's that time of year where nothing really at all besides arrests and TMZ reports of players at clubs is happening in the NFL. The Draft and OTAs are over, minicamp is about to start, and then the long break before the heat of training camp and preseason gets going. So, of course, lists like "Reggie Wayne Ranks the Top-10 Receivers in the NFL" are coming out in full-force. 

The Colts legend had some nice things to say about his former receiver buddy in Indy. The key note from his ranking of T.Y. Hilton the 10th best receiver, though, was what he said about Andrew Luck. "If (or, as I like to think, when) Luck returns..."

That's what it all comes down to in 2018. Otherwise, T.Y. Hilton will continue to put up gawdy numbers against Cleveland, while he lives up to his ghost nickname against the New England's of the world. 

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