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Bob Knight 30 For 30 Coming This Spring

The legendary Hoosier coach's departure from Indiana University is being chronicled in a new 30 for 30 documentary set to air this Spring.

Mark Lyons/Getty Images

I doubt many folks in central Indiana tuned into "The Two Bills" documentary that aired on ESPN last night. 

I mean, how many people in the home of the horseshoe would want to watch two more hours of Bill Belichick? Most wouldn't want to if you paid them.

But those who did, and even those who didn't because it made it's rounds on social media, took special interest when the preview for the next 30 for 30 debuted.

The film is called "Last Days of Knight", and it will chronicle the controversial dismissal of Bob Knight from Indiana University in September of 2000. 

Knight hasn't shied away from talking about Indiana University since his departure even though he refuses to return to Bloomington. 

As recently as last spring, Knight was quoted saying,"I hope they're all dead," in reference to his former bosses at Indiana University. 

The film will air this spring, likely during the NCAA tournament. 

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