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Cardinals Set Off Fireworks After Kris Bryant Homerun

Someone made a mistake inside the Busch Stadium entertainment department on Monday night.

Photo Credit: Icon Sportswire/Getty Images


There may be a sleeper cell Cubs fan working the fireworks at Busch Stadium.

Kris Bryant homered in the second inning of the Cubs-Cardinals game on Monday and surprisingly fireworks went off in St. Louis. Bryant made it 5-0 and he was almost at second base when the bang of a set of fireworks was audible on the CSN broadcast.

"And somebody set off some fireworks," play-by-play announcer Len Kasper said.

Jim Deshaies also chimed in on the broadcast with a crack about a Cubs spy.

"There's a mole." Deshaies said. "There's a Cubs spy in the fireworks department here."

A Cubs win eliminates the Cardinals from contention in the NL Central so this is just insult to injury.

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