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Is football safer now than it ever has been? Mike Chappell weighs in on the issue.

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Colts insider Mike Chappell chats with DD about Adam Vinateri's legacy, the politics of health in football, and whether the sport is safer now that it has been in the past. Chappell breaks down the ins and outs of all things football live on The Dan Dakich Show!

On Adam Vinateri's legacy as a Colt:

"His 14 years came after 10 years in New England. And I realize that he is only a kicker, but I would argue that kickers are the one position that you better be damn good at, because that is the one player that coaches get rid of if they aren't playing well. The only player that has been with the Colts more is Johnny Unitas."

On concussion politics in the NFL:

"I don't know when it happened, in 1995 or 2000. Players really didn't have information, but they still knew that they were running into a wall 10 or 20 times a game. Now they know and it's their decision. I talked to a player and he said: If I can give my family financial security, I would spend the rest of my life in a wheel chair."

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