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IMS Doug Boles previews the Indy 500 and chats Indiana basketball with DD!

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IMS President Doug Boles is live in studio to break down all the ins and outs of race day! The month of May is in full swing, which means the most exciting time of the year for racing fans is upon us. Boles has been the IMS President since 2013 and oversees all operations for the track all year long. Alongside DD, he discusses what goes into preparing for the Indy 500 and also breaks down Joey Brunk's transition to Indiana.

On broadcasting deal with NBC:

"It's been fantastic so far and you can see it. Sending Tirico in and basically all of their big talents coming in. They've done a great job of promoting the Indy 500, really, since the fall of last year. We think's it's gonna be a lot of fun and they have really committed to it and it's fantastic."

On changing tire types:

"I don't worry with Firestone. They do a whole lot of testing, they spend a lot of time at the speedway. They really go about it in a way that we feel really comfortable. So they will bring several different compounds and constructions and they'll test them. So we feel really comfortable with that. Goodyear didn't test the year that they had the big issue."

1070 The Fan will continue to give you up-to-date and in-depth coverage of the Indy 500 all month long. You can find lots of racing coverage right here at:


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