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Is John Beilein a smart hire for the Cavaliers? Ohio radio host Kenny Roda gives his take.

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Ohio radio host Kenny Roda joins DD to talk about John Beilein's departure from Michigan. After a successful run in Ann Arbor, Beilein has accepted an offer to become the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kenny breaks down the big hire, how the NBA Lottery will determine the Cavaliers future and touches on why Baker Mayfield is so much better than Johnny Manziel. 

Why he isn't surprised by the Beilein hire:

"Dan Gilbert never likes to do anything small. Whether it be writing a letter to defend his team when LeBron left, or trying to hire a head coach, he is always shooting for that big name target and he wants to make a splash. That is where this Beilein thing comes in."

On how the NBA Draft Lottery impacted the decision:

"They have a 14% chance to land Zion Williamson as the number one overall pick in the draft. I thought that maybe the coaching search would not be finalized until after the draft. There might be coaches out there that wanted to see if the Cavaliers got the top pick or not, but Dan Gilbert maybe enticed Beilein to even take it before with the money that he probably threw his way."

With LeBron James squarely in the rear-view mirror of the Cavaliers future, Beilein has a chance to save the team from years of rebuilding. Dan Dakich has all the biggest interviews every weekday 12-3 right here on 1070 The Fan!

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