24th Anniversary of Pacers Beating Knicks In Madison Square Garden


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24th Anniversary of Pacers Beating Knicks In Madison Square Garden

The famed "Ding dong the witch is dead!" call happened this night in 1995.

Mark Philips | Getty Images

It's a phrase almost all Hoosiers know, and a game certainly all of them remember. 

"Ring the bell, baby! Ding dong the witch is dead!" 

That legendary game and that legendary line happened 24 years ago tonight in Madison Square Garden as the Pacers finally dethroned the dreaded Knicks in the postseason. 

Sweet, sweet poetry is what it was. 

Patrick Ewing, the man who had been the bane of Pacers fans existence since the mid-80's, missed the wide open layup at the rim allowing the Pacers to move on. 

What a night. 

It feels like there needs to be more of a memorial for that game and that moment around Bankers Life Fieldhouse. But, like Reggie says in the documentary, we just wished it would have been the Conference Finals. 

Hey, it's still fun to remember every year. 

It's wild to think about how different that play would have been in today's NBA. Ewing definitely would have flopped and probably gotten the call with two foul shots coming. 

That's probably just the bitter Pacers fan in me who has seen two LeBron teams send the good guys home in game 7 on the road over the last 10 years. It just feels impossible sometimes. 

But it wasn't back in 1995. The witch died, and the Pacers moved on. 

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