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Chubbs Peterson Died 23 Years Ago Today

The golf legend left us far too soon. What happened on that night?

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On this night 23 years ago, Chubbs Peterson left us. 

The golf legend was with Happy Gilmore, and had just left Happy Land Mini Golf for a night training with the up-and-coming golfer. 

What happened next was tragic. 

Gilmore returned the favor and gave Peterson a gift for all of his help in his new career on the course. Peterson opened it only to find the head of his arch nemesis - the alligator who bit his right hand off and cut him down in his prime -staring straight up at him. 

The sight frightened Peterson enough to stumble backwards and out of Gilmore's opened window, falling to his death. Or was there more to the story? 

Shooter McGavin believes so: 

Was there something more sinister involved? Why was the window left open while he was gone? Did the guy who was on the street who saw Chubbs fall to his death have something to do with it? 

We may never know. 

In all seriousness though, any chance to reference something from Happy Gilmore is a great day. Why does Carl Weathers get such a bad rap though? Dying in Rocky IV AND Happy Gilmore? 

His death in Rocky IV was the first time many grown men, including myself, cried at a movie. 


It sucks, too, that his untimely death in Rocky IV has become more famous for an internet GIF when a team is getting blown out. 

Let Carl Live.  

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