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4 Perfect "Bad Excuses" To Ditch Work To Do Good

At the 1070 The Fan Challenge for Charity Event!


As the years go by we have always heard, or even used, bad excuses. "Sorry I was late, I was caught in traffic." "Sorry, I won't be able to make it, I have a dentist appointment." Even the good ol' trusty "Sorry professor, my dog ate my homework." After years of bad excuses, 1070 The Fan and Royal Pin, have come together to give you 4 PERFECT "BAD EXCUSES" to give your boss to get off work early and DITCH TO DO GOOD at our annual 1070 The Fan Challenge for Charity event in memory of Brody Stephens!

WHEN: Friday, April 27th from 10A-7P

WHERE: Royal Pin Woodland Bowl

This is a FREE event but you must make a donation to bowl and get swag. ALL proceeds go to Child Life at Riley.

Mr.Bean Eating Wings

4. "Sorry boss, I over-ate."

With an extensive menu and full kitchen, Royal Pin Woodland Bowl might have you trying one of everything during our 1070 The Fan Challenge for Charity Event. If you are coming for lunch, BE PREPARED TO HAVE OPTIONS. The kitchen has everything from classic Chicken Wings, Burgers, and Pizza to Tacos, Italian food, and BBQ.  So make sure to come hungry, and if you get thirsty head to one of the TWO full bars!

bowling win

3. "I can't come in...The 1070 The Fan guys told me not to!"

Lunch and a show? Come hangout with Grady and Big Joe, Dan Dakich, and JMV as they do LIVE BROADCASTS onsite!  You listen to them every day, now come bowl against them in person! WARNING: The guys will do their best to keep their bowling balls out of the gutter and in their own lanes, but we aren't making any promises. PROCEED WITH CAUTION. 


2. "HI BOSS! I'M ON TV!...I mean...networking?"

If your boss asks if you are working, you can always just tell him yes? Networking is a better way of putting it. Come meet and hangout with local businesses, news and media teams, and community leaders as they compete to win our bowling Challenge for Charity event! Winner takes home our beloved, Challenge for Charity Cup Trophy!

If you still haven't come up with a perfect "bad" excuse to take a break from work, you can always use the number one good excuse...

Fake office

1. "It's for charity!"

While on-site, all of our proceeds from the day will go towards the supporting Brody Stephen's favorite "Child Life at Riley" Charity. Brody Stephens was a young boy who put up a big fight against cancer, was a HUGE sports fan and had a direct connection with 1070 The Fan, Colts, Pacers and more! We honor his memory with this event while supporting a charity that helps to minimize the anxiety that a child may have about treatments, tests or hospitalization. Eat, drink, bowl, and donate to an amazing cause!

So whether you come for lunch, stay for happy hour, or stay for the whole day... DITCH TO DO GOOD on Friday, April 27th! Come out to help support this great event for an even greater cause! If you make an on-site donation you will receive free bowling and FM 107.5 & 1070 The Fan custom #BrodyStrong t-shirt.

Invite your friends, coworkers, and family & RSVP on our Facebook Event Page here!

Click here for more info about the event!


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