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Bowling & Bourbon - That's What We Call a Strike

Challenge for Dunk Cancer Evan Williams Bourbon Happy Hour

Has anyone ever told you that bowling goes well with bourbon? No? Well now they have.

In fact, we here at The Fan will be mixin' it up right after the Royal Pin Challenge for Charity that's happenin' this Friday at Woodland Bowl, because the best way to end the night at Royal Pin is with Happy Hour presented by Evan Williams at 5PM - and yes, that means free samples of your favorite EW bourbon, done right.

peyton manning bowling

Plus, if you bowl a strike during the 5pm hour, you'll automatically receive a raffle ticket and be in the running for our grand prize. Multiple strikes = multiple raffle tickets. If I were you, I'd be practicing right now because you're going to want this grand prize.


Still not convinced? Please. Any 4 person team that bowls during the 5PM hour will receive 1 hour of FREE bowling and a FREE t-shirt. Now I know we've got your attention... because who doesn't love free stuff? (If you said "me", you're lying).

Keep it simple and have an Evan on the Rocks, because nothing says a good-time like bourbon and bowling. Cheers!




Just find a glass and pour. No other requirements necessary.

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