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2018 Colts Second Mock Draft Look: Heavy Support For Bradley Chubb

Our second NFL Mock Draft Look sees one name appearing quite often for the Indianapolis Colts.

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Saquon Barkley chatter has quieted down in the world of Mock Drafts.


With the 2018 NFL season over, the off-season talk will eventually shift to the NFL Draft.


The draft will take place April 26-28 in Dallas, with the Colts picking No. 3 overall in the first round.


Here’s our second compilation of Mock Drafts:


ESPN’s Mel Kiper: DE-Bradley Chubb (North Carolina State)

Kiper’s Analysis: “You could make the argument he is the best player in the draft. He’s not that far off from being the No. 1 guy in the draft. He had two great years back-to-back. He’s got a great attitude, great approach. He’s not the elite talent that (2017 No. 1 overall pick) Myles Garrett is, but he’s more consistent and more on a daily basis gave you everything he had against the run and the pass. He chased down plays. He’s not Myles Garrett, but he’s close enough to say, ‘Hey, he could be the No. 1 player on anybody’s board.'”


ESPN’s Todd McShay: DE-Bradley Chubb (North Carolina State)

McShay’s Analysis:This team has needs all over, but it is one of the few in the top 10 that should be set at QB, with a (presumably) healthy Andrew Luck coming back next season. Without an offensive tackle worthy of such a high pick, I'm looking for edge help here. Chubb has a great skill set and a nonstop motor, and he has played his way into being a top-10 pick. He is a plug-and-play starter.


SB Nation’s Dan Kader: DE-Bradley Chubb (North Carolina State)

Kader’s Analysis: “When the Colts are choosing between Chubb and Penn State’s Saquon Barkley, it may come down to pass rusher being a more valued position than running back. Chubb is one of the draft’s five best players, so it’s not like this is that much of a stretch.”


USA Today’s Luke Easterling: DE-Bradley Chubb (North Carolina State)

Easterling’s Analysis: "I wouldn’t be surprised if an offensive-minded coach like Josh McDaniels grabs Saquon Barkley here, but the Colts have much bigger needs elsewhere on both sides of the ball. The more glaring need is for a dominant pass-rusher, and Chubb’s complete skill set fits the bill perfectly.”’s Daniel Jeremiah: DE-Bradley Chubb (North Carolina State)

Jeremiah’s Analysis: "The Colts have several needs to address, but a premier pass rusher is at the top of the list."


Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller: DE-Bradley Chubb (North Carolina State)

Miller’s Analysis: “If the Indianapolis Colts keep this pick instead of trading out to a quarterback-needy team, I expect NC State's Bradley Chubb to be the selection. Of course, it's early February and that could change, but the big pass-rusher is exactly what this team lacks. Chubb has power in his 275-pound frame and uses it well to shed blockers, but he's much more agile than one would expect from someone his size. He can stand up and rush the quarterback or put his hand in the dirt to crash the backfield. Chubb's scheme versatility is a sell in today's NFL when defenses rarely stay in a base 4-3 or 3-4. If not a trade out or Chubb, the Colts front office could go "best player available" here and draft Saquon Barkley from Penn State. It wouldn't be a huge surprise to load up the offense, but the needs on defense make it more likely right now that Chubb is the pick.”


CBS Sports’ Chris Trapasso: DE-Bradley Chubb (North Carolina State)

Trapasso’s Analysis: “The Colts need wide-ranging improvements on defense, particularly up front. Chubb is a three-down game-changer who'll instantly help Indianapolis fluster the likes of Deshaun Watson and Marcus Mariota in the division.”




In each installment of the mock draft looks we will total up all the positions pundits have pegged for the Colts throughout the draft process.

-1ST Mock Draft Look (January 23)



DE-Bradley Chubb (11)

RB-Saquon Barkley (2)

OT-Orlando Brown (1)

DE-Maurice Hurst (1)


Bowen’s Analysis: Still two and a half months away from the 2018 NFL Draft, things are already starting to narrow on one player: Bradley Chubb. For now, the name Saquon Barkley isn’t being slotted much at all to the Colts. If you look up at the reasoning(s) from the various Mock Drafts compiled, you are hearing a lot of the reasons I’ve made before on the Kevin’s Corner podcast. An elite pass rusher is too immense of a need when comparing it to the running back position. Again, I still think Chris Ballard is a GM who would not shy away from drafting a RB that high in Round One. But the pass rushing need, and possible 4-3 fit of Chubb with the Colts, just makes too much sense to me, and (clearly) some of these draft pundits.

With the Colts targeting Clayton Geathers’ return to game action soon, his arrival will be a welcomed arrival to a defense needing an upgrade in talent.
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