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Andrew Luck Throwing With Colts Wide Receivers This Week At Stanford?

It appears the time has come in the offseason for Andrew Luck to reunite with his receivers and throw before Training Camp begins on July 25th.

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INDIANAPOLIS – Is Stanford University the place to be this week for Andrew Luck and his teammates to get some work in?

That appears to be the case after wide receiver Chester Rogers announced on Twitter where he is headed this coming week.

Stanford is obviously a place that Luck trains at a lot during this time in the summer, especially because players must be away from their team facility if they are doing football activities together.

With the Colts about two and a half weeks away from Training Camp starting, this next step in Luck’s rehab is vital.

Luck said two weeks ago that he would be throwing to his receivers at some point this offseason.

Which ones will be there and how long the training will last remains to be seen.

But Luck definitely needs to build some rapport with a group of skill players that will look relatively foreign to him when camp starts on July 25. Frank Reich made that very clear at the end of the team’s offseason program.

-Of the 6 running backs on the roster, Luck hasn’t played with 4 of them. And he’s been with Robert Turbin and Josh Ferguson for just 1 season each (44 career combined catches from Luck).

-Of the 13 wide receivers on the roster, Luck hasn’t played with 11 of them. And he’s been with Chester Rogers for just 1 season (19 career catches from Luck).

-Of the 6 tight ends on the roster, Luck hasn’t played with 4 of them. And he’s been with Erik Swoope for just 1 season (14 career catches from Luck).

When Training Camp begins on July 25 (15 days before the preseason opener), Luck knows what his workload will look like---3 straight days of throwing, next day off, then the next day back throwing.

“My goal is to be able to throw as much as I need to, like on a game week,” Luck says. “A WednesdayThursdayFriday at practice and then Sunday, let it loose, no (pitch) count, nothing. You’ve got to go and let it go.

“So that’s what I’m preparing for, that’s why right now I throw Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Fridays to mimic a three-day sort of practice week and then a Friday, as a Sunday of a game week. That’s the sort of big picture I’m preparing for and the goal certainly, more short term, is to be ready to go for Training Camp. To be able to not just participate, but get better, get the team better.”

The expectation is that Luck will play some in the preseason, with that 4-game schedule beginning on Aug. 9.

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