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Colts Talk Saquon Barkley, Replacing Frank Gore

With Frank Gore not returning to the Colts in 2018, they are in the market for a new starting running back.

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INDIANAPOLIS – Chris Ballard, your thoughts on Saquon Barkley?

"Good player. We are all watching the same TV. The guy is a good player.”

Frank Reich, your thoughts on the Penn State running back?

“I really haven’t (evaluated him). I’ve seen a little bit of some of the players. But not even close to being ready to make a good evaluation.”

Okay then.

Not a lot of intel into the player some fans are enamored with the Colts selecting at No. 3 overall.

Ballard did acknowledge this week that the 2018 running back draft class is very good, deep enough to find high-quality players in the middle rounds.

The Colts GM was asked about having reservations on taking a running back in the top-5.

“I learned early if you think a guy’s got a chance to be a difference-maker at any position, doesn’t matter, you take him,” Ballard said.

In Frank Reich’s two stops as an offensive coordinator, he’s worked with first-round running backs (in San Diego) and also has utilized more of a running back by committee style (in Philadelphia).

I do think you can have a bellcow,” Reich says. “I mean, obviously, in Philadelphia we did it by committee. At some level, I think there’s always a little bit of by committee.

“But in varying degrees, I think with some of what we’re going to do, in our no-huddle stuff, not that’s it’s going to be all that, but there will be strong elements of that, you do need players that can play all three downs.”

That’s certainly Barkley.

The Big Ten Player of the Year spoke to the Combine media on Thursday. It became evident quickly why so many people have great things to say about Barkley the person.

He offered his thoughts on the Colts possibly taking him at No. 3 overall.

“That’s another good fit," Barkley said of the Colts. "Andrew Luck is a great quarterback. Obviously, he didn’t play last year because of injuries but if you look at the seasons before the success speaks for itself.”

Will Barkley still be on the board at No. 3 overall?

Do the Colts have him slotted higher on their draft board than defensive end Bradley Chubb?

Let the debate continue.

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