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Eric Ebron Ready To Play In “Refreshing” Colts Offense

New tight end Eric Ebron opens up on why he chose the Colts and his eagerness to play in a tight end focused offense.

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INDIANAPOLIS – The new big personality was heard loud and clear on Monday afternoon.


Why did Eric Ebron choose the Colts?


“I came here because of Andrew Luck – to keep it honest,” the new Colts tight end said bluntly.


“It doesn’t really matter where I played or where I went, I just wanted a quarterback and someone that I knew could get me the ball and pretty much work with me the way that I knew that I needed to be worked with. And I think Andrew Luck was the perfect fit.”


And the excitement level of playing in an offense that is going to have a tight end focus?


“That would be refreshing,” Ebron said with a smile.


Clearly, the marriage between Ebron and the Lions---where he was drafted in 2014 and spent the last 4 seasons---did not end well.


The new marriage with the Colts and Ebron is definitely in the honeymoon stage.


Ebron loves what he has heard from Frank Reich about his specific role in this new offense.


When the Lions decided to release Ebron last month, a curious (former top-10) talent was about to hit the open market.


The Colts, with Luck’s presence the most important factor, made a pitch that rang the right tone with Ebron.


“Frank Reich did a damn good job,” Ebron says. “He knows how to sell you now.


“He’s very, very strategic and very, very offensive minded which helps people like me in situations of where you want to create the mismatches and you want to do the things that help you evolve and be great. That’s what I’m looking forward to. I feel like that’s going to be the game changer. I feel like that’s going to be the difference maker. So I just look forward to being a difference maker.”


The combination of Jack Doyle and Ebron gives the Colts some offensive creativity that they’ve sorely lacked in recent years.


Of course, for this offense to become more consistent in 2018, they will need Ebron to show more frequent flashes than he did in Detroit.


Ebron turned 25 years old on Tuesday and has made it clear this new chapter will have a totally different tone.


“At this place here, I have a new start, I have a new finish,” Ebron says.


“I have a new rep and that alone means a lot. I look forward to making that rep a good one.”



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