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Here Is The Colts Training Camp Plan For Andrew Luck

Let’s take a closer look at what the Colts have planned for Andrew Luck during Training Camp this year.

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INDIANAPOLIS – Outside of one pitch and catch session with Frank Reich about three weeks ago, Andrew Luck hasn’t thrown a real football in about 10 months.

Luck hasn’t taken part in a team practice setting since December 2016.

So there’s some serious ground to make up for Luck when Training Camp begins in late July, especially when you consider the Colts are implementing a new offense, with several new skill players.

The Colts have a detailed plan laid out for Luck though, one that leads all the way up to the regular season opener, vs. the Cincinnati Bengals on Sept. 9.

It all surrounds the Colts wanting Luck to replicate a normal regular season week---3 straight days of practice (typically Wednesday-Friday) leading into a (Sunday) game day.

“We plan on Andrew being the starting quarterback Week 1 and being great the whole year,” Reich says of the plan for Luck. “Here’s the rhythm of the whole season, so let’s work to that. There’s the rhythm of WednesdayThursdayFriday. I can tell you how many throws a quarterback throws those days. I know exactly how many throws a guy throws in the range depending on the quarterback, so it’s really easy to work back from that. And know we’re in control and once you get that handled, you work toward that and then you modify for Training Camp because Training Camp is not a normal rhythm.

“That’s what Andrew and I have been talking a lot about. How do we modify Training Camp to mimic the season for him? That’s why you would hear him say at Training Camp he’s going to be all out, but the rhythm of it, we’re going to try to find ways to keep it close to the rhythm of the season.”

Expect Luck to take some off days during camp, like you would in the regular season. That’s obvious for Luck given the necessary pitch count after hardly throwing at all in past year and a half.

But when Luck is out on the practice field at Grand Park, he’s going to (and needs to) be slinging it.

“My goal is to be able to throw as much as I need to, like on a game week,” Luck says. “A WednesdayThursdayFriday at practice and then Sunday, let it loose, no (pitch) count, nothing. You’ve got to go and let it go.

“So that’s what I’m preparing for, that’s why right now I throw Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Fridays to mimic a three-day sort of practice week and then a Friday, as a Sunday of a game week. That’s the sort of big picture I’m preparing for and the goal certainly, more short term, is to be ready to go for Training Camp. To be able to not just participate, but get better, get the team better.”

Jim Irsay says Luck will spend some time back in Los Angeles in the coming weeks, where the quarterback worked out a lot earlier this year. But Irsay said Luck will mostly be in Indianapolis in the 6-week break leading into camp.

Even though Frank Reich isn’t a fan of playing a starting quarterback much in the preseason, he has virtually no choice with Luck.

No. 12 has to play in August.

“I think he’s going to play some in the preseason,” Reich admits. “I don’t know how much at this point. Generally speaking, I don’t like the starting quarterback to play too many snaps of preseason ball.”

But the rust has to be knocked off in order for Luck to be ready to make his debut when the 2018 curtain is drawn on Sept. 9.

Despite a pitch count in camp, Luck believes he will have the necessary reps in the coming months to be under center, and effective, in Week 1.

“Absolutely,” Luck says, amongst a chuckle or two, when asked about him playing in Week 1.

“No knock-on wood. I’ll be playing. I believe it in my bones.”

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