How Big Of An Issues Have Drops Been For The Colts?

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How Big Of An Issues Have Drops Been For The Colts?

In the last two weeks, the Colts have had quite a few drops. How big of an issue have they been for the team?

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INDIANAPOLIS – Just imagine what Andrew Luck’s numbers would look like if the Colts didn’t have a ‘gluttony’ of drops these last two games.


Frank Reich uses that word, sounding like something his quarterback would say, to describe the current issue facing the Colts offense.


The drops have been at an extremely high number as of late.


In losses to the Texans and the Patriots, the Colts have had at least a dozen drops. Certainly chucking it 121 times in those two losses are leading to more chances to mishandle passes.


But that’s the state of the Colts right now.


Deficits are arising early in games, therefore any shot at establishing a run game into the second half is gone, so the propensity for more drops are there due to needing to throw it so much.


Still, that doesn’t absolve some of the brutal drops the Colts have had in recent weeks.


With how the Colts are currently constructed, it’s not like Luck can all of a sudden turn away from his skill guys when the drops start to surface.


“We got to win with the guys we have, but what it ultimately goes back to is you have built confidence with these guys over time,” Reich says of dealing with the drops. “So a drop or two – and it’s not that the quarterback, whether it’s Andrew or anybody else, doesn’t go and say something and encourage them or even sometimes say, ‘Come on, let’s go. I need you to make that play.’ That stuff all happens between the lines and on the sideline, but at the end of the day, it’s about trusting your guys and believing in your guys. So I think Andrew does a good job of that – working with the guys not only in-game but during the week to kind of create the foundation for that confidence.”


With catching the football being such a fundamental aspect to the game, Reich is harping that in practice this week.


Although one thing you won’t see from Reich is undressing his pass catchers right after a drop.


“What we are saying is just more time on the JUGS, more time in throwing circuits,” Reich says.


“Yelling at him catching the ball isn’t helping him catch the ball. What helps him catch the ball is fundamentals, technique, drill work. So that’s what you do, you go back to the basics. It’s a bad two-game stretch, but I believe in our guys. I believe we will bounce out of it.”


Early-game drops in recent weeks have led to multi-score deficits in the first halves of losses to the Texans and Patriots.


Through five weeks, Luck has completed a career-high 66.5 percent of his passes.


And that number could/should be higher if the Colts were hauling in some of the obvious drops.


“We have to fix that, plain and simple,” Chester Rogers says. “That’s not us. We know that. We are hard on ourselves and we are going to fix that.”

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