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Mailbag: Should The Colts Draft A Quarterback At No. 3 Overall?

This week, mailbag readers inquire about possibly signing former linebacker Jerrell Freeman, the future of T.J. Green and Henry Anderson fitting into this new 4-3 defense.

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INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our weekly mailbag.

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Here is the collection of Tuesday questions:


Justin (Indiana)

Hey Kevin, I was watching Matt Eberflus talk about the defense, I was wondering how much the switch to 4-3 base will affect Henry Anderson? Also do you think he will be a more effective pass rusher with the switch?

Bowen: I think Henry Anderson is one of the more interesting case studies for this 4-3 transition. When Anderson left Stanford, he was thought to be an ideal fit as a 3-4 defensive end. Hence, why he found early success with the Colts. In a 4-3, I can’t see Anderson having the weight to be an every-down defensive tackle. Could he lose a little weight and be a 4-3 end opposite Jabaal Sheard (before Bradley Chubb comes in April???)? I still think Anderson has a fit on passing downs, playing in the interior. But I’m not sure if the Colts will view him as an every down guy in a 4-3. Personally, I think Anderson is too good of a player and can make that move.


Justin (Denver)             

Hey Kevin, I know Chris Ballard has and will keep the colts relatively young and I know he is getting older but do you think there’s a chance at a reunion with Jerrell Freeman? I also don’t know how good of a fit he’d be in the new defense but if not is there a linebacker in free agency you’d like to see come to the colts?

Bowen: I don’t think Jerrell Freeman is a fit at all. Freeman turns 32 years old in May and I don’t think a role in a 4-3 is best suited for him. Remember, Freeman went on IR in Week Two last year with torn pectoral muscle. He’s also in the midst of a 10-game suspension after having two violations of the PED policy during his time in Chicago. In terms of linebackers in free agency this week, Dallas’ Anthony Hitchens would make a whole lot of sense for the Colts in their new 4-3 defense. Hitchens played for new defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus in Dallas. But it sounds like the Chiefs are the favorites to land Hitchens.


Bruce (New Whiteland, IN)

All the colt fans are praying Andrew Luck comes back fully recovered., but what if they find out its not going very good and a chance he may miss part or all of next season. Do you think Chris Ballard would consider using the third pick on a QB.

Bowen: First, I don’t think the Colts will find that out before the draft. Unless Luck has a serious setback in the next 6 weeks or so, they will go into the draft believing that he’s good to for 2018. His throwing program will probably not include too much football activity when the draft arrives on April 26. Personally, I would not take a quarterback at No. 3 overall. Yes, I know drafting in the top-5 doesn’t happen very often. But I would take this opportunity to add the other pieces you so desperately need, while trying to develop Jacoby Brissett under Frank Reich. I still think Brissett has some potential, especially when you let him grow in one system for a few years. That’s my thinking under this worst case scenario.


Victor (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Hi, Kevin! This week I have two safety questions. First, now that Clayton Geathers is back, and we have no LBs that are good in pass coverage, I heard some fans in your podcast, and others Colts' shows, that Geathers should be in the box all the time but I think that Matthias Farley should play the LB role in subpackages, and Geathers still be at Safety, because Farley is better than our LBs in coverage, is a solid tackler, and, according to their draft profiles, Geathers and Farley have around the same speed (low 4,5s in the 40yd). Geathers is better in pass coverage, and is 6'2 (Farley is 5'11) things that are better suited for a safety if we are in a cover 2. What do you think about that?
The other question is about TJ Green. One of the first things that Ballard said about the roster last year was that he envisioned Green as a CB when he was scouting him, and unfortunately Pagano just tried Green as a CB late in the pre season, and he was good following guys but had zero ability to play the ball. The guy is only 23, do you think with a whole off-season working in the transition, maybe Green can be an OK CB? He has size, speed, physicality, if he can learn some technique he would be solid, it would be kind of a disguised draft pick

Bowen: 1. Clayton Geathers will not be an every down linebacker. That news came during the Combine. I personally like Geathers more so in the box than Farley. In Geathers, you have a physical presence who can really match up with tight ends and fill needed running lanes. In Farley, his cerebral nature is better suited at the back end of a defense. Malik Hooker is going to be the deep safety anyways. 2. I’m really, really interested to see the 2018 outlook for T.J. Green. This is a defense that wants speed, speed and more speed on the field. Does that mean Green will stick at safety or do the Colts want to truly try and explore him at corner? It goes without saying how important this 3rd NFL season is for Green. At this point, I would probably try him at corner, but I would not hold my breath on him finding tremendous success there.

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