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Slimmed Down Henry Anderson Eager For Change In Defense

Where will Henry Anderson fit into this new 4-3 defense? Anderson shed some light on that earlier this week.

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INDIANAPOLIS – The cheat meal came once a week at Taqueria del Sol in Atlanta.


The order?


-5 fried chicken tacos

-3 beef brisket enchiladas

-1 pulled pork taco



“I don’t want to talk about it because it’s embarrassing,” Henry Anderson sheepishly says. “Yeah, I would eat a lot. The rest of the week was not as fun.”


The rest of the week had Anderson on a strict diet, as he trimmed 15-20 pounds this offseason to help himself transition into a new defensive scheme.


“We switched the scheme up a little bit so I have to be a little bit quicker and faster,” Anderson says, down from his listed weight of 301 pounds. “I definitely just feel like I’m moving a lot better because obviously not carrying as much weight so you can kind of move around and be a little more agile. I definitely feel good and am excited to get back out on the field for sure.”


Anderson, who is entering a contract year in his 4th NFL season, is fully recovered from the freak larynx injury that sent him to injured reserve in November.


When the Colts made the switch to a 4-3 defense, Anderson was one of the more difficult players to project into this new scheme.


Whether in college or in the pro ranks, Anderson has always been a 3-4 lineman.


But he thinks his slimmed down self will aid him in a defense needing quickness from every level of the unit.


“It sounds like it’s a more attacking front,” Anderson says. “A lot more penetration and just getting up field. As a defensive lineman, you love to hear that. You love disrupting plays in the backfield so I’m definitely pumped for it.”


Anderson isn’t 100 percent sure his exact fit into this new defense, but he’s guessing an outside defensive end on running downs, and sliding inside on passing downs, would be his main duties.


Dropping the weight was pretty easy for Anderson. He says this is a more comfortable weight for him, as he was always fighting to maintain a number hovering around 300 pounds.


Looking like a bigger tight end, Anderson is certainly eager to experience this new defense.


“It definitely sounds like it’s going to be fun,” the 2015 third-round pick says.


“At the snap of the ball you’re just freaking going. It’s not as much sitting back and waiting. You’re just going and trying to disrupt. It’s exciting to hear the coaches talk about it. I wish I knew how it’s going to be playing the defense, but I really haven’t played it before so I’m not going to find out until once we get on to the field.”



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