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T.Y. Hilton Changing His Body Going Into 7th Season

For the first time in his NFL career, T.Y. Hilton is playing for a new head coach. Hear from Hilton on his thoughts about the firing of Chuck Pagano.

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INDIANAPOLIS – Already the lightest player on the Colts roster, T.Y. Hilton is about the last player you would expect to ‘slim down’ in an offseason.


So when Hilton shared that on Tuesday, there were some questions that needed to be answered.


Hilton quickly followed up by saying that his playing weight---178 pounds---will not change. Instead, Hilton just “got leaner” by eliminating fast food immediately from his diet once 2018 arrived.


The New Year’s resolution for Hilton has the 28-year-old wideout looking more defined in the upper body as he begins a new era of his professional football career.


For the first time in 7 NFL seasons, Hilton is now playing for a new head coach.


A change was needed, according to Hilton, and he’s liking the early vibe from this coaching staff.


“I come into the team meeting room, they’re bumping music,” Hilton said of the new atmosphere at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center. “Something we’re not used to, and it’s great. Get the guys up, ready and attention to the meetings. It’s fun.


“The coaching staff is bringing a lot of new energy, and the team is just feeding off it.”



Even though Hilton made his 4th straight Pro Bowl last year (via alternate in 2017), it was his first season not reaching 1,000 yards snice his 2012 rookie campaign.


Week-in-and-week-out, teams routinely threw extra attention towards Hilton in trying to eliminate the Colts’ only consistent game breaker.


Hilton, who caught balls from Scott Tolzien and Jacoby Brissett last season, finished 2017 with 57 catches and 966 yards.


One would be foolish to put too much of the blame on Hilton for his quieter season last year.


Nonetheless, he still wanted to make some dietary changes to his daily routine. There are no cheat days. New strength coach Rusty Jones has made an early impression on Hilton. Normally, Hilton isn’t much of a goal guy, but improving his physique was the major focus this offseason.


“I’m in the best shape of my life,” Hilton says.


Sure, that line is heard a lot this time of year, but the complete elimination of fast food certainly backs up how Hilton feels right now.


When Hilton walked into the Colts’ wideout room for the start of the offseason program last week, he saw easily the most inexperienced group of receivers in his NFL career.


How the receiving reps get divvied up behind Hilton in 2018 is anyone’s guess.


“Guys have a chance to earn a spot,” Hilton says. “This is their time to prove it. We have new coaches, so this is the time to prove it.”


And that same sentiment could even be applied to proven returnees, like Hilton.


“I think it was (needed),” Hilton says of the changes in coaching staffs. “At the end of the day, I think it was.


“We all understand with this new coaching staff, we have to bring it every single day.”


Hilton’s been doing that since the first day of 2018.

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