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VIDEO: Andrew Luck Throwing Highlights At Colts Training Camp

Here’s video clips of Andrew Luck throwing through the first two weeks of Colts Training Camp at Grand Park in Westfield.

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Colts wrapped up their 11th practice of Training Camp on Tuesday morning.

Next up is a trip to Seattle, where Andrew Luck will play his first NFL game (preseason or regular season) in more than 580 days.

Luck has thrown in team drills at 9 of the 11 practices at Grand Park.

Compiling Luck’s passing numbers in team drills, which includes both 11-on-11 and 7-on-7 sessions, he is 144-of-191 (75.4 percent).

In strictly 11-on-11 work, Luck is 87-of-122 (71.3 percent).

Below are Luck’s highlights progressing through his 1st day of camp practice, through Tuesday’s 9th practice of full throwing:


Here is a look at Luck’s numbers in his 9 practices at Grand Park:

Day 1 (Thursday, 7/26): 11-of-19 in team drills; 4-of-9, 1 INT, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 2 (Friday, 7/27): 15-of-19 in team drills; 7-of-9, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 3 (Sunday, 7/29, full pads): 19-of-22 in team drills; 12-of-14 in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 4 (Tuesday, 7/31, full pads): 24-of-33 in team drills; 17-of-25, 1 INT, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 5 (Wednesday, 8/1, full pads): 16-of-19 in team drills; 9-of-11 in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 6 (Friday, 8/3, full pads): 12-of-16 in team drills; 6-of-9, 1 INT, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 7 (Sunday, 8/5, full pads): 17-of-24 in team drills; 10-of-16, 1 INT, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 8 (Monday, 8/7, full pads): 14-of-19 in team drills; 12-of-15, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 9 (Tuesday, 8/8): 16-of-20 in team drills; 10-of-14, 1 INT in 11-on-11 work only.

Totals: 144-of-191 (75.4 percent) in team drills; 87-of-122 (71.3 percent) in 11-on-11 work only.

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