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When Did Andrew Luck Skip Steps In Right Shoulder Rehab?

On Monday, the Colts started their offseason program and that meant Andrew Luck met the media for the first time in 2018.

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INDIANAPOLIS – Dealing with an injury for more than two and a half years and having hardly played football for well over a year, has taught Andrew Luck some valuable lessons.


The most obvious: Luck is not a patient person.


And that’s cost him throughout this right shoulder rehab.


“I’m quite impatient as a person, and it’s got me into places, that maybe I shouldn’t have been in in the first place,” Luck confessed on Monday.


Those places were a byproduct of Luck rushing this rehab and skipping steps over the past couple of years.


It’s an admission that Luck made on several occasions when meeting the media on Monday, the start of the Colts’ 2018 offseason program.


“I don’t want to repeat those maybe missteps,” Luck says. “I cannot skip steps. I very, very strongly believe in that. Some things just take time, and I’ve learned that. And when I do get the urge to do something a little silly, I talk to myself and say, ‘It’s not worth it right now.’”


Since initially suffering a right shoulder injury on Sept. 27, 2015, Luck now admits that he did not always follow the proper protocol in returning to the field, fully healthy.


“I think I pushed a little too hard on certain things and didn’t give the requisite amount of time for certain things to happen,” Luck says. “Your body, as I’m learning, will tell you, ‘No,’ in certain ways, and you’ve got to listen to it. You can’t force things to happen, and I think I convinced myself that I could force things to happen and I paid for it. I think I felt like I was becoming a distraction. I think I maybe wasn’t the best guy to be around, so I’ve learned from that and that’s why I feel so strongly about the process and the plan that I’m on now.”


Ever the competitor, Luck now regrets how he went about this process.


“I’ve gone and skipped steps before and paid for it and been in pain and not been able to help the team and been embarrassed, guilty, whatever,” he says. “I’m not going to do that again, and I trust very much the people that I’m working with. More importantly, I trust myself in this process, and I trust how I feel.


“Again, progress is my guiding light, and if I’m making progress, I know that that’s what is important. And so there’s a plan in place, and I’ll keep trusting that.”


Here's a look at 3 possible times Luck has ‘skipped steps’ in this timetable that dates back to September 2015:



  • Playing Through Pain In 2015-16: Let’s take a look back on the timeline of Luck’s right shoulder rehab. Luck injured his right shoulder in Week 3 of 2015. He then missed the next 2 weeks---his first ever missed time in the NFL---before returning to play 4 games in a row. Luck's season then ended after lacerating his kidney on Nov 8. Luck was obviously playing through pain for those 4 games in 2015, with a very up-and-down performance in the Colts going 1-3 with Luck back.
  • No Surgery In January 2016: Following the end of the 2016 season, Luck elected for ‘intense rehab’ instead of having surgery on his injured shoulder. The rehab led to him fully participating in the ’16 Training Camp and missing zero game action that season, due to his shoulder. But Luck was limited in practices in 2016 and the wear and tear on his shoulder was building, while he had to compensate his throwing motion for a torn labrum. Still, despite all of this, the Colts still signed Luck to a new 6-year, $140 million contract in June 2016. Not having surgery following the 2015 season has to be Luck’s biggest regret.
  • Pushing Himself Too Far During 2017 Offseason: Last April, Luck is on record saying he would play in 2017. Clearly, things changed over the spring and summer, as Luck didn’t see his first practice action until October of last season. That’s why Luck is being extremely cognizant of making sure he is as strong as possible this spring, before he throws an NFL-sized football sometime this offseason.


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