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Why Was Andrew Luck Not At Colts Practice On Wednesday?

On Wednesday, the Colts were back on the practice field for their 4th OTA session of the offseason. Why wasn’t Andrew Luck there?

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INDIANAPOLIS – Last year it was a foreign sight to see Andrew Luck in his red No. 12 jersey at practice.

But it was a surprise on Wednesday to see Luck absent from the entire practice session, which lasted more than 90 minutes.

During last week’s open OTA session to the media, there was Luck participating in the early part of practice---going through QB positional drills, doing handoffs and working on his drop backs. When it was time for the team period to begin, Luck headed inside for more rehab work.

Looking for any glimpse of Luck at this Wednesday’s practice would have kept you searching from the opening horn to the ending one.

Luck was not at Wednesday’s open OTA practice after being present for Tuesday’s Phase II session on the field.

Why wasn’t Luck participating or watching on Wednesday?

The Colts say nothing to worry about, just a shift in how the team quarterback is handling his rehab schedule.

“We just shuffled a few things around with his schedule, just to maybe get the most out of the allotted time that we have,” head coach Frank Reich said of Luck absence. “We evaluated the schedule last week, looking at how to be efficient with his time.”

“Everything is on course and on schedule. Just really looking at how we keep gearing up for the season and making sure that we are hitting every mark we can hit. He’s doing quite well in the weight room, out of the weight room. We are encouraged by everything we’ve seen.”

Reich reassured that Luck’s rehab routine hasn’t changed in terms of what he is doing vs. what he is not doing. It’s the timing of his actual rehab schedule, throughout the course of the day, that has been altered.

Whether the Colts viewed Luck’s limited time on the practice field this spring as a bit of a waste, those should not expect for No. 12 to be participating in the final two weeks of the offseason program.

Any recent picture of Luck has fans stirring about how physically ready the quarterback looks at this part of the rehab.

Reich agrees.

“You look at him physically, he’s a physical specimen,” Reich says of Luck. “He’s always been that way, but I just think right now, everything he’s doing, he’s building that foundation, knowing that it’s a grueling season. You want to get bulletproof as much as you can. I really commend him with the job that he’s doing.”

Even with Luck’s throwing schedule likely not to begin in a team setting until Training Camp in late July, Reich doesn’t have too much of a concern about all the time missed.

Yes, physical reps are vital, but Reich says Luck’s impressive makeup should have the quarterback able to make an easier transition, despite the challenges physically, learning a new offense and getting on the same page with new personnel.

“I’m not going to say it’s not going to be challenging,” Reich acknowledges of what Luck is going to face. “This is the NFL. You want to be at the top of your game in every aspect. But he’s learning the offense. Not getting the reps, obviously every rep is important…but I’ve experienced being a backup, not getting reps and going into play. I know it can be done.

“He’s got elite level ability mentally and physically in every way. He’s been around a few years now. I’m just very confident that when he starts taking reps, that things will accelerate very quickly.”

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