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Will Myles Turner Be The Pacers Next Most Improved Player Of The Year?

The Pacers have a long line of Most Improved Players of the Year. Victor Oladipo thinks Myles Turner could be next.

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INDIANAPOLIS – Since the year 2000, the Indiana Pacers have watched 5 of their players win the NBA’s Most Improved Player of the Year award.

Victor Oladipo was the latest to collect his this past season, setting career-highs in virtually every major statistical category.

When Oladipo was in Indiana a few weeks back with his MIP award, he even offered a possible prediction as the next winner.

The pictures of Myles Turner working out this offseason had been seen by Oladipo.

His thoughts?

“He’s doing a great job,” Oladipo said of Turner’s offseason.

“Myles is investing in himself right now. Don’t be surprised if he’s sitting up here receiving the same award next year.”

That would be a major win for the Pacers and Turner, as their young center heads into a pivotal 4th NBA season.

Overall, Turner’s 3rd NBA season was inconsistent. His points per game dipped from 14.5 to 12.7. His rebound numbers dropped to 6.4 after averaging 7.3 the year prior.

People clamoring for Turner to become more of an assertive player in the paint---and take advantage of a 6-11, 243-pound frame---are growing louder and louder.

Turner hears them and he knows where his off-season focus must be.

“Just get stronger,” Turner said back in June of his work in Dallas this summer.

“If I put on weight, cool. I just want to strengthen my body.”

The results look to be there.

“We just feel that (Turner) needs to put on a few more pounds, a little bit more bulk and continue to work on his game,” Nate McMillan said in June.

“He has learned over the last few years with the change in his game what is needed. And that’s to be a little bit stronger, put on a few more pounds. He’s been working hard in the weight room doing that.”

Will that lead to the Pacers having more Most Improved Player of the Year hardware come their way in 2019?

“I think he’s working really hard,” Kevin Pritchard says of Turner’s summer. “I think he’s going to have a great year. He has an opportunity,

“I’m hopeful. He’s a great kid and he’s working hard, but I want to see it, too. We know he’s a good player. I want that (weight work) to translate. You have to take it from the weight room and the workout room and put it into play. I think he will. I have a lot of confidence he will. But I want to see it, too.”

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