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"The Peytons"

The first ever 1070 award show will be presented to you by Kevin's Corner on February 28, the Wednesday before the Oscars.

The Peytons

Recently our digital directors have challenged us to expand our horizons. They want us to try and connect with larger audiences to be a part of more conversations. 

How do we make topical events tie-in with our brand?

No better place to start than The Oscars. 

Kevin Bowen and I decided it would be a fun, engaging idea to create our own local version of The Oscars - but for Indy sports instead of film. 

Introducing for the first time ever: The Peytons. Coming Wednesday, February 28. 

We tossed around a few different name ideas, but at the end of the day we agreed that it just makes sense for a legendary figure with a literal statue (even though it's bronze) to hold the title of these Indy awards. 

Our next step was to break down The Oscars categories to figure out what we wanted to parallel to our show. We narrowed it down to six:

1. Short Film = Best Play

2. Costume Design = Best Uniform

3. Best Film = Best Game

4. Actor In A Supporting Role = Best Secondary Player I guess

5. Actor In A Leading Role = Best Player

6. Best Director = Best Coach

These six seemed to be the most notable, and the one's that matched up best with categories we could parallel. We tried to do a foreign language film category, but there were too many Chuck Pagano press conferences to pick just four nominees. 

So without further ado, here are the nominees for the first ever Peyton Awards: 

Short Film (Best Play)

best player peytons

(Bob Levey | Getty Images, Michael Reaves | Getty Images, Jamie Squire | Getty Images, Michael Hickey | Getty Images)


1. T.Y. Hilton's "Ghost" touchdown against the Texans. 

2. Lance Stephenson's and-1-shoulder-shake vs. the Nets.

3. Takuma Sato winning the 2017 Indy 500.

4. Victor Oladipo's game winning three vs. the Spurs. 


Costume Design (Best Uniform)

Best uniform Peytons

(Joe Robbins | Getty Images, Jonathan Daniel | Getty Images, Joe Robbins | Getty Images, Michael Hickey | Getty Images)


1. Pacers City uniforms. 

2. Notre Dame's "Ara" uniforms paying homage to the late coach.

3. Colts all-blue Color Rush. 

4. Pacers white Hickory. 


Best Film (Best Game)

Best game peytons

(Icon Sportswire | Getty Images, Brett Carlsen | Getty Images, Icon Sportswire | Getty Images, Andy Lyons | Getty Images)


1. December 30, 2017: Butler lights up Hinkle to knock off #1 Villanova. 

2. December 10, 2017: The Colts-Bills "Snow Bowl". 

3. January 25, 2018: Purdue holds off Michigan in a back-and-forth thriller. 

4. January 12, 2018: Pacers rally from down 22 in the first quarter to beat the Cavs.


Actor In A Supporting Role 

supporting role peytons

(Icon Sportswire | Getty Images, Michael Hickey | Getty Images, Michael Hickey | Getty Images, Andy Lyons | Getty Images)


1. Brandon Wimbush

2. Carsen Edwards

3. Domas Sabonis

4. Jack Doyle



Actor In A Leading Role (Best Player)


(Dylan Buell | Getty Images, Icon Sportswire | Getty Images, Omar Rawlings | Getty Images, Icon Sportswire | Getty Images)


1. Josh Adams

2. Vince Edwards

3. Victor Oladipo

4. T.Y. Hilton


Best Director (Best Coach)

best coach peytons

(Icon Sportswire | Getty Images, Joe Robbins | Getty Images, Joe Robbins | Getty Images, Ray Del Rio |Getty Images)


1. Purdue Football Head Coach Jeff Brohm

2. Pacers Head Coach Nate McMillan

3. Colts Special Teams Coordinator Tom McMahon

4. Purdue Men's Basketball Coach Matt Painter 


A lot to think about here. Plenty of categories, plenty of finalists. 

Wednesday's show should be a lot of fun, and feel free to chime in on the conversation with myself (@JoeyMulinaro) and Kevin (@KBowen1070) throughout the week leading up to the first ever "Peytons". 

Unless you disagree with our choices, in that case at least be kind. 

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