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Colts With 5th Best Odds of Landing Antonio Brown

Bet My Bookie released the top 5 teams the Steelers troubled star could end up on next year.

Joe Sargent | Getty Images

The sports gambling website My Bookie released their teams with the best odds of having Antonio Brown as a member of their franchise at the start of the 2019 season on Friday. 

Surprisingly, the Colts had the 5th best.

This won't happen. It can't happen. 

Once again we have a case of media outlets (in this case a gambling site) seeing that the Colts could use some help at skill positions (even though they're in the final 8 and have proven they can be a potent offense), that Chris Ballard has the maybe the most draft stock and money to spend in the league, and they're putting simple two-and-two together. 

Antonio Brown OR Le'Veon Bell going into this Colts locker room? 

Not a chance. 


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