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Colts Offense Ranked 2nd Best In NFL gave high praise to Frank Reich's crew heading into 2019. What'd they have to say?

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It's been well-documented so far this offseason: The Colts offense is going to be scary in 2019. 

Eric Ebron has said it. T.Y. Hilton has said it. Frank Reich has said it. agrees. Chris Wesseling listed the Colts at number 2 on his top-10 list, just behind Drew Brees and the Saints. Wesseling ranked the groups of each team in the top 10's offense. Here's how the Colts graded out: 

Quarterback - A

Backfield - B

Receiving Corps - B+

Offensive Line - A-

I found it interesting he graded the receiver group at a B+. 

"Luck is going to love throwing to big-bodied former Panthers wideout Devin Funchess and rookie playmaker Parris Campbell after leaning heavily on undrafted projects (Rogers, Pascal, Alie-Cox, Erik Swoope) and journeymen free agents (Ryan Grant, Dontrelle Inman) for significant portions of the 2018 season. Throw in a healthy version of Doyle, and this figures to be one of the most improved position groups in the division."

The rest of the top-10 played out like this: 

3. Eagles

4. Falcons

5. Rams

6. Chiefs

7. Browns

8. Chargers

9. Steelers

10. Packers

The Colts see four of those teams in 2019. 

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