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The Fan Reacts: #CLEvsIND

Twitter can be a fun place, a bad place, and everywhere in between during Colts games.

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Twitter during Colts games is nuts. 

OK, Twitter is always nuts, but during Colts games the level of insanity, panic, celebration, humor, pretty much every emotion one can feel, raises to another level. Like Jim Irsay level. 

So we here at The Fan wanted to showcase some of the best/funniest tweets that were posted during the game, as well as give you a glimpse of what our notifications look like after the Browns cut the lead to three.

Ryan was getting after it early on Sunday. 8:08 a.m.? Probably typed that as he was heading to church, too. Also, "Luck is done this year" ?


Right at the start of kickoff, it summed up what everyone was hoping. The only place you can go when you're on the bottom is up, and David Dearing added a nice touch of positivity to the vast pool of doom-and-gloom. Cool picture, too. 

Really cool moment seeing Pat McAfee back at Lucas Oil. He's mentioned before how it was an odd breakup with the Colts, but it was great to see a guy who loves our city as much as he does be proud to be back. Good on all parts.  

After five straight punts to start the game, MG wasn't impressed.

JMV with some SERIOUS analysis from inside Lucas Oil Stadium.

This had to be staged, right? What timing by this dude to hop up, do his hip-thrusting, and get his 15 seconds of fame right as CBS is showing Kizer's mom. 

Poor lady. She already has to suffer enough watching her son quarterback the Browns, then she had to deal with this joker humping the air every timeout to try to get on the jumbotron. 

Gotta love self-depricating Browns fans. Cheer up, guy. In the last two years, the Browns have won exactly that amount. Maybe put a "Just Win 2" jersey on the Xmas list this year??

I loved this one. It was sent a couple days before kickoff, obviously. Quick, witty, and a solid punch at the end. Need more of these.

You use the spin move, you get the Dwight Schrute gif. Was that Brissett or Mike Vick?


Kevin does bring up some interesting points in the original tweet. Makes you channel your inner-Lloyd Christmas "soooo you're telling me there's a chance?" We'll end on a positive note from KBowen. 

Speaking of Kevin Bowen, he started a podcast this week. I get to produce it. It's going to be awesome. You should listen, and you'll be as happy as this guy.

Bring the heat this week and during Sunday Night Football in Seattle, and you could be featured next Monday. Don't let me down. 


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