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Quenton Nelson Could BALL On The Basketball Court

The Colts All-Pro can really do it all.

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OK, we're pretty sure this viral clip of Big Q is ACTUALLY real, and apparently he could really hoop back in the day. 

Adam Lefkoe dropped this high school highlight of Nelson dropping behind-the-back dimes. 


Imagine this 300 pound train barrelling down on you then all of a sudden goes White Chocolate Jason Williams on you to make matters even worse. 

It's a lose-lose.  

This was interesting that it surfaced right after Eric Ebron tweeted this during the NBA All-Star Game Draft:

Hmmm. Interesting. Would this video change Ebron's mind? Nelson may not be as tall as Margus Hunt, but good luck trying to move him off the block. 

That's a post-up mismatch all DAY. 

Maybe Big Q would just be used as the Big Baby Davis. Come in, throw some people around, get some rebounds, set the tone off the bench. 

At the end of the day, Nelson shows the importance of being an ATHLETE in high school and not just a SPECIALIST. 

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